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Vegan Finds Out He’s Accidentally Eating Cheese And Completely Loses His S**t

What can I say about vegans that hasn't already been said?

I personally love vegan food, and the positive health and environmental benefits of the movement. However, there are many people who simply can't stand the smug looks they get on their faces when seeing a vegan munching on a stick of celery.

And then there are the annoyingly superior keyboard warriors who attack people on social media for enjoying a lovely steak. Yes, it's safe to say the "higher-than-thou" attitudes of several vegans we've seen online has created a global stigma from meat-eaters.

With all this in mind, you'll understand why so many people find the following video of a vegan realizing he's mistakenly eaten cheese so damn funny.

YouTuber Powsimian, real name Matthew Blunt, is one of the flag waving, self-satisfying kind of vegans that we all love to mock.

Here's Matthew vlogging without his shirt on - because, hey, who needs a shirt on when you're vlogging?? It's not for attention or anything, it's probably just hot in his room.

In fact, strict vegan Matthew (who has since deleted his 'Powsimian' YouTube account) would often post videos promoting veganism. There's nothing wrong with that, of course, but he would often come across very condescending and belittling to those who did eat meat - something which did him no favors.

Aiming to bring an end to the current "animal holocaust" (these are actually his own words, not mine), Blunt went viral after he filmed himself inadvertently eating some cheese.

That's right, during one of his (preachy) vlogs, Matthew starts tucking into a delicious looking pizza his mom had ordered him. Funny thing is, it looks like he's enjoying the Italian delicacy, until he realizes small specks in the tomato sauce.

He then calls the restaurant the pizza came from to confirm his meal contained no animal products, only to be told there was in fact cheese in the sauce. What happens next is a meltdown of monumental proportions.

Skip to 15:36 to watch poor Matthew lose his mind over a rogue bit of cheese:

I don't know what more annoying; his repeated use of the word "bro", the fact he relied on his mom to buy him a pizza, his toddler-like tantrum, his self-entitled attitude, or the fact he didn't know many Italian restaurants across the globe but cheese in their sauce.

Needless to say, the video ended up on Reddit, and predictably set the internet ablaze - with cheese lovers telling Matthew exactly what they thought of his histrionics. My favorite comment? "Cries over cheese, smashes phone made by basically legal slave labor," put so nicely by Reddit user MyronNGaines.

But, if we've all learned anything from this, it's that now we all know that Matthew Blunt doesn't like cheese on his pizza...