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UFC superstar Ronda Rousey reveals everything she eats in a single day

When you think strong, independent women, Ronda Rousey is probably somewhere near the top of that particular list. Why? Because she's a hard-working badass that doesn't take anything from anyone. Some would argue that attitude hasn't always been helpful (ie. falling from grace hard after talking mad smack about Holly Holm) but for the most part, it's a good ethos to follow. Especially the hard-working aspect.

Not too long ago, Rousey revealed her daily diet to Cosmopolitan and unsurprisingly, it takes a lot to fuel the UFC-icon-turned-WWE-wrestler. Think you have what it takes to enter the ring (or Octagon)? Have a look at the diet of this rather formidable athlete.

The 30-year-old starts her day with a coffee, adding grass-fed butter, raw coconut oil, stevia, and cinnamon. This, "bulletproof coffee" is meant to alter the way caffeine is metabolized in your body. The grass-fed butter and raw coconut oil attach themselves to caffeine, which slows down how quickly it's absorbed and broken down in your body.

The result, a slowed down - some would say more controlled - release of caffeine throughout the day, keeping you switched on for longer and less likely to feel the negative effects of caffeine. The science of this is yet to be properly tested, but it keeps Ronda going throughout her day.

Breakfast for Ronda is her "favorite meal of the day”. It typically includes oats with chia seeds, hemp seeds, agave, almond butter, raisins and cinnamon. Similar to the fatty coffee, the oats and seeds contain complex carbohydrates and allow for a slow release of energy throughout the day. The nut putter provides a tasty protein and good fat source and cinnamon has a plethora of health benefits.

The Furious 7 star follows up her big breakfast with a medium sized lunch – scrambled eggs, capsicum (a type of pepper), tomatoes, spinach, avocado, mushrooms and turkey bacon, all with a side of toast. Here, you see a switch in focus from complex carbs to more protein.

The eggs, mushrooms and turkey bacon give Ronda the energy she needs (pre or post-workout) to fuel her muscles and keep her fuller for longer. The vitamins and fiber from the toast, tomatoes and spinach and with digestion and keep her blood and other essential things - like vitamin D levels - optimal. The capsicum keeps her metabolism spicy, and daresay I need to remind anyone of the benefits of avocado.

Finally, dinner is often a mix of turkey mince, red and green capsicum, avocado, hemp seeds, beans, cayenne, and chilli pepper. This keeps her light, but also provides the body with the fuel it's needed for what probably was a grueling day. In between meals and training, Ronda snacks in sweet potato chips, coconut water, green tea and plenty of water.

Apart from coffee she doesn't really have a vice, but will treat herself with greek yoghurt, chia seeds, and agave when she's after something sweet. I think that Ronda Rousey's diet is pretty easy to follow, so no excuses for not kicking ass!