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Twitter Reacts To Sassy Message From Uber Eats Delivery Guy

Uber Eats has got to be one of the most useful delivery systems ever. Forget the taxis late at night, any service that promises to shovel food down my open gob with less effort expended on my part has got my vote every single time. I didn't get Uber Eats for the longest time out of sheer stubbornness, something which absolutely shocked my colleagues. Now, however, it is absolutely invaluable, and I don't think I would be able to go a week without one of those delivery guys. I wouldn't ever expect one of the delivery guys to act sassy towards me though, especially when I use their business so often.

This is Alisha Jennings-Oluwosuko. Alisha is a 20-year-old University of Michigan student whose mother had been sick and is currently being treated at the John Hopkins Hospital in Maryland. While at the hospital, Alisha made the decision to use Uber Eats and have some food delivered to the hospital.

So far so good, right? Alisha quickly ordered some food to the John Hopkins hospital from a local burger restaurant. Unfortunately she then promptly forgot all about the order. That was, until her slightly disgruntled deliveryman arrives and sent her a message. "I forgot about the food; I had been doing so much at the hospital," Alisha explained in a later interview with Buzzfeed. That was when her delivery man gave her a sarky answer that she definitely wasn't expecting.

Alisha saw that she had a missed call from an unknown number, but since she'd already forgotten about the food order she'd placed, she didn't call the number back immediately. Eventually she decided to text the unknown number. Alisha asked "Who is this?" and the person texted back: "Hello, your Uber Eats order is here." Alisha promptly asked if the delivery guy was at the hospital's main entrance. He then replied "No I'm on top of the building I just landed my helicopter." Wow! That's some serious snark.

"[John Hopkins] is a massive hospital — there are a million different entrances and branches — so that’s not an unexpected question to ask," Alisha expounded, and explained that when she met him he said "you saw what I said, I was just messing around … I come here all the time and I always come into the main entrance." Alisha promptly told her Twitter followers all about the incident on social media, and she immediately gained over 60,000 retweets.

Alisha later stated, "I knew it was funny but I didn’t think it would be getting this much attention ... It wasn’t planned — it was an everyday thing, and this guy tried to be a jackass in a sarcastic, funny way. It was so real."

The tweet blew up so big that eventually Uber was forced to release a statement regarding the incident, and sent a message to Alisha that stated "That's definitely not ok. Please DM us the e-mail address linked to your account and we'll follow-up ASAP." When Alisha assured the startup that she wasn't offended, to which they later replied "We don't deliver by helicopter, but we have some friends who can make this happen. Let's get in touch. #UberChopper."

It seems as though these texts were just harmless fun, but sometimes they can be more sinister. One time an unfortunate woman was subjected to a series of disturbing texts by a delivery driver.