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‘Tomb Raider’ star Alicia Vikander reveals everything she eats in a single day

Here at Food Envy, we enjoy giving you, the reader, insight into the celebrity world. Who better to look and even become a star than finding out what they eat? Celebrities usually go hard or go home when it comes to diet and lifestyle regimes (no matter how strict they may be) they prove that if you stick to something, you see results. Alicia Vikander is no exception.

The Tomb Raider actress had to get cut (like, really cut, so cut that knives got a new, top grade for sharpness: Alicia-grade) for her role as Lara Croft in the action movie remake. After all, she's got big shoes to fill, following Angelina Jolie - who also worked incredibly hard to get a "Tomb Raider bod" - the original badass action hero for the early naughties films.

She certainly took on the challenge seriously. In order to be the badass she needed to be, Alica had to build up a lot of strength to perform the stunts of a tomb-raiding, world-saving young 20-something. Specifically, the Swede put on a whopping 12 pound of muscle for the role. That impressive fitness feat happened with the help of celeb trainer Magnus Lygdback (whose clients also include the likes of Britney Spears and Gal Gadot).

He worked with Alicia starting three months before the movie shoot, using the "Magnus Method" - an interval-based fitness regimen he developed.

For Alicia's muscle-bulking goals, the trainer worked out with her for an hour a day, six to seven days a week, mainly focusing on heavy weight-lifting and strength training exercises (think squats, pushups, chin-ups, medicine ball slams, etc). To achieve action-hero-level agility, Lygdback also incorporated mixed martial arts (MMA) fighting into Alicia's training.

The five foot five, 117-pound actress recently showed off some moves she learned from Lygdbck on Entertainment Tonight, including her ability to rock pull-ups on the rings (while sporting a very noticeable six-pack).

You're probably thinking about where she gets all the energy for this, right? Well, that came from Lydback too. As Lydback describes on his website, the method also goes beyond fitness, it's "a training philosophy that embraces the 'ethos of an athlete'—approaching life fitness with the same specific intensity and structure that an athlete would, whilst also maintaining a balanced and healthy life."

In Alicia's case, that meant getting her diet in check - and they went for the keto diet. "Since we were travelling so much over the holidays, we decided the keto diet would be best because it’s easier to control the macros that way," the trainer said to Popsugar.

Haven't heard about it yet? The ketogenic (or keto) diet, is a super-strict, high-fat, very low-carb eating plan. In fact, Lydback had Alicia stick to less than 25 grams of carbs a day. (For reference, a cup of blueberries contains 21 grams of carbs).

Alicia filled her plate with fish and seafood for protein and limited vegetables (veggies contain carbs, too). The mainstay of the program was fat in the form of MCT oil, avocado, and coconut oil, Lydback revealed. A keto diet also cuts out grains, legumes, root vegetables, most fruit, and dairy.

The idea is that going so low in carbs forces your body to switch to burning fat rather than carbohydrates, which is its preferred energy source. The process is called ketosis; it's difficult to adjust to (and some would argue even harder to maintain - which is why Alicia gets mad props from me), but the results can be life-changing.

"It’s always tricky the first couple of days, but [Alicia’s] willpower is just unbelievable and she didn’t complain, even though I could see she was struggling a little bit. She kept on bringing it every day," Magnus said. But despite the challenge, ultimately, Alicia's hard work and dedication paid off in the muscle department.