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Toddler with a dairy allergy ‘fighting for his life’ after a mix-up at Pizza Hut

We all dread a bad restaurant experience. It doesn't matter if you are staff, customer or even passerby at those new-age walkthrough type places: they make everyone uncomfortable and wish they never came out in the first place.

One such incident has left a child in critical condition. At a Pizza Hut store in the UK has left a two-year-old boy with severe dairy allergies allegedly fighting for his life in hospital after eating a Pizza Hut pizza that was supposed to be vegan.

According to MSN, Sajid Hussain’s two-year-old son has a serious dairy allergy, and Hussain said employees at the Blackpool Pizza Hut assured him when he ordered that the child’s pizza would be made with vegan cheese.

Hussain said he checked again with employees when the pizza was delivered to make sure the cheese was dairy-free, and once he was assured again, he let his son eat it. But Hussain said that not long after eating the pizza, the two-year-old stopped responding to his parents, then started vomiting and struggling to breathe.

He was rushed by ambulance to the Blackpool Victoria Hospital, where he was hospitalized two days for treatment. Hussain described it as a horrific, traumatic experience. Pizza Hut says human error was to blame for the incident.

A Pizza Hut spokesperson reportedly said the company was very sorry about the incident, and had been in contact with the family. “We realize it was an unacceptable situation and have already completed an internal investigation with the Hut, which found that the wrong pizza was given to the family as a result of human error," they continued.

The spokesperson said the company would share the results of the investigation with the Hussains, and revealed that the fast food giants were taking steps to keep this situation from happening again. Only time will tell whether the Hussains will be able to step back into a Pizza Hut any time soon.

Whether Pizza Hut employees intentionally meant to swap the cheeses isn't known, but someone who looked to cause harm is chef Laura Goodman. The owner of the Carlini restaurant in Shifnal located in Shropshire in the UK, posted on Facebook how a "pious, judgemental vegan" had gone to bed "still believing she's a vegan." Like her own Disney movie villain.

The restaurateur posted her message on the Facebook page "The Boring Group," prompting a barrage of abuse from many of the members. The message read "Pious, judgemental vegan (who I spent all day cooking for) has gone to bed, still believing she's a vegan."

It's safe to say Laura got a reaction that she definitely was not expecting. A local vegan group demonstrated outside the restaurant, calling for her to shut it down. "Spiking a vegan is so very wrong," restaurant owner Hope Lye said.

Lye continues: "What right did Laura Goodman feel she have the right to place animal products in a vegan dish then go on social media and boast about it?" Since this, a tweet calling for people to email, call, or leave a negative review has also racked hundreds of retweets and likes.

One reply to the tweet said: "It's literally assault upon a person." and another said: "This seems worthy of a lawsuit!" Whatever happens to Laura, I'm sure she's learnt to keep her ill intentions off of social media.