This Woman Ordered A Vegan Meal, But Was Served A Hilarious Plate Of Disappointment

It's safe to say with the rising amount of vegans around the world, the food that they can eat is becoming more varied and exciting.

While the idea of a vegan meal used to just bring about images of boiled vegetables or a raw salad, you can now get vegan burgers, roast dinners, and most importantly, pizza.

But while most restaurants seem to have caught up with the recent boom in vegans and are catering for the plant based diet, one restaurant in Malaga, Spain, seems to be a little bit further behind.

Georgina Jarvis, who is a vegan, was recently out for dinner with her sister Gabbie. They picked a restaurant based on the fact that they said they "cater for vegans", however, there definition of "catering" appears to be slightly different to what most people might expect.

Gabbie says that Georgina had initially ordered a pizza, but she was told that there was egg in it, so she went for the salad instead. However, rather than it being a lush green salad with a variety of vegetables and packed with flavour, Georgina received a plate of disappointment.

Georgina was served a plate of raw tomato and red onion, and speaking about the experience, the sisters saw the funny side of it. Gabby said:

"I think we expected more of a salad for her with some lettuce and other veg maybe not just that. When she received the food I couldn’t help but laugh, we made pretty awkward eye contact with each other as staff were still serving us but I knew we were thinking the same thing."

However, rather than being annoyed at the restaurant, Georgina was pretty pragmatic in her response.

"The food was disappointing compared to the options there are in England but I was very happy that they accommodated to me," she said.

"Veganism, in my opinion, is the most sensible option for the well-being of animals, for the environment and for your health. Veganism has made me into a more compassionate person, and I urge people to consider even cutting down on meat, maybe making a vegetarian meal a couple of times per week."

"The tweet posted may make veganism look like an extremity and inaccessible, but in reality I normally have no issues eating out in restaurants, and normally have many options."

The restaurant was charging between €6 - €9 for the "salad" but it hasn't put the girls off going back. Gabbie said the girls will be popping back in on Thursday, so hopefully they can give Georgina something a little more substantial.

"We’re going back to meet some of my dad’s friends," Gabbie says, "We’ve had the reservation booked for weeks but thought we’d try it out beforehand."

With veganism becoming so popular, it's pretty incredible to think that a restaurant that sells itself on being able to cater for vegans, serves up a plate of raw vegetables as they're main vegan dish.

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