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This video shows Justin Timberlake inventing a completely new kind of fruit

JT is up there as one of those celebrities that just about everyone loves. With the soundtrack to just about every Millennial's teen years, there isn't much that the singer come actor can do wrong in most people's eyes.

If you didn't know already, Justin Timberlake is as big a foodie as he is a superstar entertainer. He even opened up a BBQ restaurant in New York City and not only that, he has his own brand of Tequila 901 Tequila. What more do you want from him?

Well, it turns out you can add food scientist genius to JT's foodie resumé, as he's only gone and invented gold. Earlier in the week, the star took to Instagram to share a video about an interesting berry fruit hybrid.

He begins the video saying: "I'll show you," then spears a raspberry and a blueberry with his fork. In the background, we hear whoever's filming giggle and say, "you need to choose." But choose he does not.

The man knows what he wants and on this occasion, it's both the blueberry and the raspberry. He's going to prove to his friend and all of Instagram he can make it happen. He continues: "You got the raspberry... you got the blueberry, right? Is it a coincidence that the blueberry fits in raspberry perfectly? I think not."

As the star explains this, he demonstrates how the two berries fit together like puzzle pieces. Once the blueberry is inside the raspberry, he utters the single word... "Braspberry." He then pops the treat into his mouth, and with that has invented a totally new berry for fruit lovers everywhere.

In case the masterpiece that is Sexyback and the stellar performance he had in The Social Network wasn't enough (there's also his portrayal of Barry Gibb's brother Robin in the recurring "Barry Gibbs Talkshow" on SNL, but that's just for the hardcore fans), we now have clear, definitive proof that Justin Timberlake is a true food visionary.

With his new invention, he really does cement his passion for food. He eats so much, in fact, that he told Bon Appetit, "I mostly work out so I can eat religiously." Adding: "I'm such a foodie."

He has mad love for too brownies; together with his wife, Jessica Biel, Timberlake opened Au Fudge, an adult and kid-friendly bakery and restaurant in West Hollywood, and it's received rave reviews. He loves breakfast - his go-to being waffles with almond butter and a side of scrambled eggs or blueberry pancakes topped with bananas - and he loves a festive drink.

JT says the best meal he's ever had was in Italy, saying: "When you ask about the best meal, my mind goes to a trip to Italy . . . a lobster pasta with Pecorino cheese," but one thing the Rock Your Body singer doesn't like is octopus. Forgivable, but Cry Me A River, Justin.

If you already knew all of this, however, the new video not only gives you cool instructions on how to totally shake up your fruit snacking habits, but also reminds you of how much of a food lover JT is. Happy Braspberrying!