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This video of Nicole Kidman eating bugs will definitely make you squirm

Celebrities are a strange breed. Their eating habits are often eclectic, and rarely orthodox. From the extremely varied to the irritatingly specific, the lifestyles of the rich and the famous seem to lend themselves to odd dieting. However, a new video has proved that there are few superstars as intrepid as Hollywood heavyweight Nicole Kidman.

Nicole Kidman at an awards ceremony

The star of classics such as Moulin Rouge, Days of Thunder and Paddington, Kidman is clearly something of a foodie. In 2017, she revealed that she is not picky when it comes to her diet, adopting an 80:20 ratio of healthy to unhealthy foods, with a particular penchant for lean proteins like fresh seafood.

2018, however, has seen Kidman confess perhaps one of her more intimate culinary secrets.

Filming for an episode of Vanity Fair's "Secret Talent Theatre", the actress revealed her foodie fetish for eating insects. During the two-minute clip, Kidman works her way through a specially-prepared four-course meal of assorted bugs, providing viewers with skin-crawlingly graphic descriptions of their taste and texture.

Nicole kidman winking

The meal begins with a bowl of live hornworms. Looking more like something that slunk off the set of Star Wars than supper, Kidman doesn't hesitate before expertly manipulating a pair of chopsticks, plucking up a wriggling worm, and plunging it into her mouth.

The lurid green larvae are variously characterised as "moist", "chewy" and with a flavour that Kidman "can't quite describe". Her overarching impression of the mouthful as "extraordinary" begs the question whether or not she really is enjoying this experience. If not, she clearly has a phenomenal poker face.

Nicole Kidman eating a hookworm

The next items on the menu are mealworms. The slight flutter in Kidman's voice as she removes the polished silver cloche again suggests that she may be having second thoughts about this whole situation. These creepy-crawlies apparently have a "fruity taste". We'll take your word for it, Nicole.

The third course features an alarming looking pile of crickets. Kidman seems genuinely excited before trying this dish and appears to actually enjoy eating it. Her eyebrow-raising description of the creatures as being like "a hairy nut", however, breaks that particular spell. I, for one, have never eaten a nut and thought it could do with more hair.

Bowl of crickets

To be fair to Kidman, if there are doubts about her happiness with the food thus far, she clearly relishes her final portion. Featuring fried grasshoppers, this course is clearly a personal favourite. With a look of utter sincerity, Kidman informs the audience that the grasshoppers "are amazing", before plunging into the plate. For once, there can be little doubt over her sense of satisfaction.

Nicole Kidman enjoying insects

Though it may seem alien to enjoy eating creepy-crawlies, Kidman rightly makes the point during the video that she is not an isolated case. As she puts it, "over two billion people around the world eat insects, and I happen to be one of them."

For the braver viewers among you, the full video can be watched below.

While we can't imagine that the majority of readers will be rushing to jump on the bug bandwagon any time soon, this clip nonetheless gives a great insight into an alternative way of thinking about food. As Kidman says, anyone who joins her will almost certainly win the next season of Survivor.