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This Pizza Slice Is The Same Size As A Small Child

I hate to admit it, but sometimes, it's a real struggle for me to finish a whole pizza. Mentally, it requires stamina, determination and perseverance. With two slices to go, I can always feel myself losing faith. I'm ashamed of myself, but I hope to succeed one day.

If, unlike me, you're capable of finishing a whole pizza without breaking a sweat, then I've got the perfect challenge for you. Introducing the Super Slice, provided by PizzaBarn in Yonkers, New York. Don't worry, it lives up to its name: a typical Super Slice is two feet in length, meaning that it's quite the feat to finish.

The water bottle in the photo above highlights just how bloody big this pizza slice is. Other items which are two feet include the average height for a three-month-old baby, two thirds the average height of a Hobbit, or half the width of a double bed.

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You can purchase a Super Slice for a mere $10, or add toppings such as mac 'n' cheese or cheeseburger and fries for $24. Pretty affordable, if I do say so myself.

PizzaBarn owner Angelo DeLuca told Pix11: "I was thinking I wanted to do something different. Something bigger. I researched a little bit. [...] I wanted to create something bigger, tastes better." I can't imagine pizza slices will come much bigger than this.

Well, I'm booking my flight to New York straight away. These pizza slices look out of this world, and affordable too. If I'm to achieve my dream of eating a whole pizza, I might as well start with a slice, even if it is two feet long. Wish me luck!