This New Rainbow Latte Will Cure Your Hangover

Earlier this year, I gave up drinking for Lent and my evening activities were spent guzzling exclusively on Coke and orange juice for a good six weeks. Having been on the sauce pretty consistently and generously since my teens, it seemed like a huge mountain to climb, but once I got started, I began to enjoy it, and that's in no small part due to the fact that I despise hangovers.

I've since resumed slowly poisoning my liver, and although the buzz of confidence is nice, I have not missed hangovers one bit. The deep sense of exhaustion and existential dread that comes with having one too many at office drinks has returned, and I'm pretty sure they've gotten worse as I've gotten older. Fortunately, there's a new concoction out there that may render my horrific hangovers a relic of the past.

For this marvellous elixir, you're going to have to travel to NYC's Chinatown to find The Good Sort, a vegan latte bar. It's made by the same crew who brought you Betches, the avant-garde blog aimed at "brutally honest and self-aware young women". Behold, the Hangover Latte, the panacea to all your brutal late nights!

With a glorious rainbow blend of red, blue and yellow, the Hangover Latte is packed with plenty of delicious nutrients that'll not only make sure you emerge from your night out bright-eyed and well-refreshed. Ingredients such as coconut milk, turmeric and almond milk, as well as dragon fruit and blue algae make it vegan too, and it contains no caffeine either!

The Hangover Latte will cure your hangover, but Ondrej Matej, a personal trainer and nutritionist based in London, says you should probably avoid this rainbow drink if you're trying to lose weight.

"This is because almond milk often has sugar or other sweeteners added. And coconut milk is often drunk by people who want to gain weight. Both are really high in fat."

He did, however, say that the Hangover Latte would be really good for negating the effects of a heavy night of drinking, singing the praises of blue algae and dragon fruit in particular.

"The Rainbow Latte is good for hangovers, mainly because of the algae that it contains, which suck out the toxins created by the metabolism of alcohol in the body. [...] Blue algae, if the right species and from a high-quality source, is packed full of healthy compounds.

And turmeric is a fantastic spice, very well researched. It should be raw, not processed. It supports the immune system and in my opinion you can’t really have too much of it. Dragon fruit comes in several types, and they’re all full of vitamins and minerals and very tasty."

If you're looking for something simpler, or find that NYC is too far a journey for you to buy your hangover cure, Matej did recommend a more basic alternative that keeps all the nutritional qualities. Simply combine coconut water, cacao and chlorella.

"Coconut water from fresh young Thai coconuts re-hydrates you and tastes delicious! Meat from the fresh young coconut is not processed, which means the fats are more easily digested than in coconut milk."

There you have it, folks! The Hangover Latte is here, and it looks good enough to drink even if you're not recovering from a night out on the town. For those of us a little further away from New York City, though, feel free to concoct the cheaper alternative for some instant refreshment and relief from your alcohol binge the night before.

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