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This Mom Wakes Up At 5AM To Transform 5 Bundt Cakes Into Incredible Cobra

Whenever you take a poll of the average population, you'd be hard-pressed to find too many people who don't like cake. From cute little muffins to giant, lavish wedding cakes, these baked goodies are, in my opinion, the best way to enjoy something sweet. Personally, I'm satisfied with a simple buttery madeira cake, but out on the internet, there are plenty of people willing to go above and beyond in the pursuit of baking perfection.

Take, for example, this mom by the name of Kristi. Kristi's son was making the big step from Boy Scouts to Cub Scouts, and Kristi wanted to make his special day even more special by baking him a cake. Since he was part of the Cobra Den, Kristi thought to herself: why not make a special cake to commemorate the occasion?

What you see above is the cake Kristi made for her son; a cobra cake measuring a whopping six feet. Kristi wanted the cake to be ready for decoration by 9am, so at the crack of dawn, this devoted mother woke up at 5am to get started.

The first thing Kristi needed was a six-foot plank of "heavy-duty" wood to hold up her massive snake cake. Wrapping it in aluminium foil, she used crispy rice cereal, melted marshmallows and butter to put together the head and tail of the snake, making sure it was sturdy enough to stand up on its own.

To create the body, Kristi had to get creative: she baked five Bundt cakes for about 40 minutes at 325 degrees. Once they had been allowed to cool, Kristi cut four of them in half, and arranged them in a continuous S-shape. The fifth Bundt cake was used to connect the head and tail to the main body. Luckily, there was a small piece of cake left over to keep Kristi's spirits high as she embarked upon the next step of the cake construction.

She had to put the cake together, and make it look convincingly like a snake.

Using a second batch of the rice crispy treat, Kristi moulded the hood of the cobra, and used the excess to stabilise the round pieces of the cake and to stop it from rolling. After many hours of trials and tribulations, Kristi could finally step back, and see that her work was finally coming to fruition.

Now, it was time for the decoration.

To give this cake the colourful flourish it deserved, Kristi put the icing on the cake with a helping of 10 lbs of powdered sugar, 10 tablespoons of butter-flavoured extract, 10 tablespoons of vanilla extract, and 10 cups of shortening. She recruited a few of her friends to help, and finished off the cobra with a striped design. Cobras generally aren't stripy, but Kristi admitted this "reads" better for some boy scouts enjoying a giant serpent cake.

There you have it! One six-foot long, icing-covered, cobra cake for Kristi's son and all of his friends to enjoy. If you're thinking of emulating Kristi's gargantuan effort, you can have a look at her original blog post, but I think this is but one example of the pride a mother feels for her children, and how far she will go to make her kids happy. Those kids are going to find it hard to slither away from this delicious treat.