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This man believes that Pizza Hut stole his face for their delivery boxes

On the internet, image rights are a pretty contentious issue. While the existence of stock footage makes it easier for your favorite companies to fill out their websites and populate their publications, we post all of our photos to the likes of Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, with no idea of how they could be used - for good, or for evil.

For one man in the United Kingdom, that weird concept might have become a reality, and if any company's going to steal your face to use on their official company print, it might as well be Pizza Hut, right? That's exactly the fate that befell 39-year-old Nick Richardson, after he started receiving phone calls from concerned family members and friends.

If my loved ones kept calling me to enquire why my face had been used on a Pizza Hut delivery box, I would probably declare life to be at its absolute peak, but more than anything, Nick was just... confused. I get it: if you found your face on a box of any kind, you'd wonder how it got there, wouldn't you?

Did somebody at Pizza Hut take a photo of him while he was eating one of their pizzas? Or, did they mine his saliva in a special receptacle on a particular stuffed crust, and use that DNA to create a perfect clone of Nick, then use that clone to create the perfect pizza-eating-face? I don't know... that sounds like a lot of effort. At that point, why not just use models?

Either way, Nick is convinced that Pizza Hut stole his face, and he's not happy about it. In fact, when he called Pizza Hut to enquire about the delivery box dilemma, they pretty much shut him down, but curiously, Nick says they failed to provide him with the actual photo they used for the box design.

"I think it's me, my mum thinks it's me, my friends think it's me and my brother thinks it's me. I can't see how it's not me. Even the outline of the stubble is the same. It would be an enormous coincidence if it wasn't me. And if by some miracle it's not me then fine, show me the original image. I think it is me and it just makes me feel very weird. I was just out for dinner with my little boy, and the next thing I see this box. It's all very weird."

Above, you can see those two photos side-by-side, and I have to admit: Nick's got a point here. A statement from Pizza Hut seemingly confirms that they did "not used any members of the public in this campaign", but if you ask me, I'm not exactly convinced. Maybe it's a coincidence, but if it is, that's uncanny. Either way, if I were Nick, I would pretend it was me, and try to score free pizza because of it. That's surely a win-win.