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This is how you can score free french fries at McDonald’s this month

While the debate over which fast food chain has the best fries will probably never be resolved - it's Nando's in my opinion, even if they use McCain potatoes - a lot of people would agree that McDonald's ranks pretty highly in their overall listings.

I can't lie: a McDonald’s burger just doesn’t taste complete without those thin, crunchy, salt-drenched sticks. That’s why the news that you can get free McDonald’s fries every Friday for the rest of the month should be especially exciting.

Interested? Here's what you've got to do. First, download the McDonald's app (if you don't already have it on your phone for instant McSatisfaction), it's another app on your phone, yes, but it's for free fries, it's worth it. Just delete that language app you keep putting off from deleting because you keep saying to yourself you're going to use it. You're not going to use it.

Once you’ve ordered your food through the app, all you have to do is use Apple Pay to purchase, and you’ll be gifted with a free Medium order of fries, just as long as you do this on a Friday. Yes, it’s that simple. Plus, by ordering ahead and using Apple Pay, you get to skip the lines.

There’s another piece of good news to go along with this one. McDonald’s is adding a new menu item that you’ll want to try: the fresh beef Quarter Pounder burger. The new burger is making its debut this spring. Food & Wine got a first taste, and the verdict is in. It’s a definite “upgrade” from McDonald’s classic menu items, and it probably tastes even better with a side of free fries.

Whether they admit it or not, the new burger news is probably a response to McDonald's getting flat out burned by rival Wendy's. During the Superbowl - where commercials are just as common as touchdowns - instead of relying on a star name or killer visual effects, Wendy's went for an altogether more straightforward, but no less hard-hitting campaign.

Rather than worrying about excessive shots of slowly grilling meat (although, admittedly, there were plenty of these too), they decided to skewer one of the biggest names in the business: home of the Hamburglar himself - McDonald's.

The 30-second commercial opens to a white screen, emblazoned with a small, central Wendy's logo. Text appears, informing the viewer that, after some "light stalking",Wendy's have uncovered that McDonald's burgers are "flash seal in fresh flavor". The audience is then encouraged to "pause for laughter".

After this frozen bombshell has been dropped, the rest of the commercial goes on to detail the truly fresh beef that Wendy's use "in every hamburger...every day". To add a final insult to injury, the advert then coins the insulting moniker "Frozen Arches" in reference to McDonald's distinctive logo. Burn well and truly served. Is the fresh beef quarter pounder enough to get back their street cred? Only time will tell.