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This is how you can get Subway for free this Valentine’s Day

As a 20-something broke Millennial in a relationship, I'm not entirely sure how I feel about Valentine's Day. I definitely lean on the side that V-Day is a scrupulous marketing ploy, that has us buying overpriced chocolates, cards and other things to express a feeling we shouldn't have to wait for someone to tell to express.

But then, at the same time, I get free stuff for that exact reason - you can see the dilemma (especially when your partner is cool and gets you tickets to a basketball game).

One thing I can't knock the day of Saint Valentine's for is the effort and attention to detail everyone puts into their food. Whilst the holiday both inspires delight and resentment, at least everyone can agree that they get some sort of good grub from their loved ones, or just orders takeout for one (which is just as good, if not better).

However you feel about Valentine's this year, Subway has brought you a gift everyone will love: free Subway sandwiches. On February 14 (which is two days away, for those making plans or forgetting that you made plans), Subway will be celebrating "true love" by giving away free six-inch sub sandwiches all day.

The chain will be operating on a buy one get one free basis, offering free sandwiches of equal or lesser value. There are a few rules: customers can only use the offer for one guest per visit. So don't plan to buy sandwiches for the whole office - at least not without various disguises. I am fortunate to live near several Subway locations, so I plan to hit up more than one. If I can get enough co-workers on board, we're looking at a serious sting operation.

The offer also doesn't apply to sandwiches with double meat or extra cheese, sadly, but like any good relationship, it's all about compromise. There is a silver lining though; according to one newspaper, the sandwich chain will also be distributing vouchers for future freebies, including a free upgrade to a footlong sub from a six-inch sub.

Admittedly, getting Subway in lieu of Valentine's Day dinner may be a risky move for most people, especially if it's early on in the relationship or you're not dating Joey from Friends, so I can't say wholeheartedly recommend it. The same goes for Greggs, McDonald's and any other fast food restaurant that may be doing a Valentine's Day deal.

Still, a free sub could be the perfect way to surprise your significant other at lunch. You could also treat your work wife/husband, shower your galentines with some serious love, or just treat yourself to two sandwiches.

Buying yourself one for now and one for later is a completely practical and reasonable thing to do. Meghan Markle did say after all you should be your own Valentine, and who are we to argue with royalty? The free subs will be available in select locations in the UK from 11 am to 7pm. Sorry to everyone who doesn't live in the UK.