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This genius thought of an amazing way to keep fast food warm in your car

Fast food. What can we say about it that hasn't been said many times before? Whether you're talking about Burger King, Chipotle or McDonald's, there's many a meal to feed hungry mouths of vast and varying palates. Not only is it delicious, but as the name suggests, fast food is... pretty darned fast.

As soon as the food craving hits you, you can go from starving to satisfied in next to no time, and thanks to the invention of drive-thrus, you don't have to set foot in the restaurant, or even get changed out of your pajamas. Drive-thrus have helped to take food binges to the next level, but they come with one key flaw.

As you pick up your order at the final window, your first inclination will be to chow down on your delicious meal as soon as possible. But this is your car: you don't want your vehicle to stink of food, or worse, have to clean up any number of spills that can occur when eating while driving.

So, you wait. But by the time you get home, your chicken has grown cold, the cheese on your burger has hardened and congealed, and your french fries have gone from crispy yet fluffy to soggy and stale. Indeed, when it comes to food-related mishaps, there is no greater tragedy.

So what's the solution to this veritable Catch-22 of fast food ferrying? For a long time, it seemed like this culinary catastrophe waiting to happen would be doomed to be inevitable for all lovers of the drive-thru, but one genius on Twitter has stepped up to the plate, and he might just be onto something here.

So what's this amazing hack for keeping your fast food warm as you frantically drive home? For more, let's go to Twitter user Eric, who has the Twitter handle @canceric. In a tweet that's since captured the hearts of food lovers all over the web, he revealed his amazing trick for keeping fast food warm, and we can't believe we didn't think of it before.

Oh, wow. So simple, so straightforward, yet so brilliant! Next time you're driving home with a bag full of fast food, all you have to do to keep it warm is fire up your seat warmer, and give your fast food a nice comfy seat. What's that: someone's already sitting in your passenger seat? Put them in the trunk. They'll understand.

Eric's post has already racked up more than 22,000 retweets and nearly 75,000 likes, and other members of the Twitterati were quick to pay tribute to this amazing idea.

Well, guys, isn't this great news? You don't have to rush back from the drive-thru any more: now, your fast food will still be as fresh as the moment you got it. No seat warmer on your car? No problem: just turn on your heating all the same, and stick your fast food in front of the passenger seat. Don't have a car at all? I don't know if I can help you in that case. What's for sure, though, is that we've made a massive step in eradicating one of drive-thrus' most worrying issues.