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This couple of 39 years has a Valentine’s Day tradition that will melt your heart

Whether it's the first Valentine's Day with your significant other or the 75th, you should always treat them right. I'm not talking about those trashy gifts that suddenly appear a couple of days before the middle of February; I mean giving them the best food you can.

Ever since their first Valentine's Day together in 1979, Ron, 77, and Donna Kramer. 74, have celebrated the exact same way, which is incredibly touching because I'm a whiny, Millennial princess and I get bored of scrambled eggs and avocado after having it two days in a row.

Local news reports that Ron has brought his wife Donna's favorite dark chocolate cremes from Buffet's Candy in Albuquerque, New Mexico, for 39 years, and always presents them to her in the same box. This year was no exception.

While the couple's Valentine's Day tradition is still going strong, Donna's declining health and dementia diagnosis in 2014 required her to begin living in an assisted living facility as of 2015. Ron described the day as "probably the saddest day of my life."

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Her short-term memory is fading, but she still remembers the day they met. Ron, then an insurance salesman, knocked on her door, and she answered in a bathrobe and Big Bird slippers - how I usually answer the door to my pizza delivery.

"I was really sexy!" she said. In the interview with the local news outlet KOAT, Ron said "I made a commitment, and the commitment's gonna be for the rest of our lives. I've been with her. I'll never leave her."

They started to date, and on Valentine's Day, Ron asked if she liked chocolates. Ron recalls her saying: "yes, I like dark chocolate creams, and I like it from Buffet's Candy." Ron dutifully obliged and went to the store.

Ron bought a box of his gal's favorite treats, and the shopkeepers at the time offered him an interesting proposal. "They said, 'Now if you bring this box back next year we can refill it and we won't charge you for the box, we'll just charge you for the candy,'" recalls Ron. He didn't think anything of it at the time, but Donna saw a tradition in the making.


This year marks the 39th year he's used the exact same box to give his sweet some sweets. He turns up to the store, and the workers in their fill it with the dark chocolatey goodness they know Donna loves so much. When he leaves, he says: "I'm not done with this box" and the staff say "Happy Valentine's Day."

Donna's health problems have become intense to the point where she can't write, sleep or eat on her own. "She's gonna forget who I am so we have to enjoy every minute we have with them so they can still remember you." This year she remembered, and in the words of Donna herself: "He's a keeper." Let's hope there are still a few more Happy Valentine's to come.