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This chef is now making penis-shaped waffles full of sausage

Hands up if you love a sexual innuendo. Of course, you do. Look at it this way, if you like the Great British Bake Off you like a sexual innuendo. On the surface, it's a good-humoured family show, but Bake Off wouldn't be Bake Off without all the naughty innuendo, lingering just below the surface.

Nuance is key to getting away with saying things like “If there’s an opportunity for exposed bottoms we should embrace it” and “You want something quite rigid, but something that will taste good too,"

Sometimes though it's just as fun to shout boobies at the top of your voice without any repercussions. One Thai woman has truly embraced the unsubtle culture of food and profanity and the whole internet is watching.

A Bangkok food stall with a name that translates to 'I Got it from My Dad' has infected the internet with a video of its penis shaped waffles. As you can imagine, the video quickly went viral, dick waffles is a story that kinda writes itself.

And we have a winner for best post with a penis waffle. Picture: Australscope

Ketnita Prasertsomboon, the owner of “Pho Hai Ma,” which translates to “I Got It From My Dad,” has created a cheese and sausage waffle shaped like a penis. As you can imagine, such a phallic item of food is a big hit with tourists and locals alike.

Ketnita pinpoints her rise in notoriety when a group of tourists shared her food on social media and the video went viral, attracting over 18 million views. The pictures you see in this post are on the tamer side of the NSFW spectrum.

Not everyone has a taste for the meaty mouthfuls however. A famous Thai chef named Yingsak Chonglertjetsadawong is boycotting the waffles and encouraging others to join him because he’s deeply offended that someone would dare to create a phallic food item.

A customer at the market stall peruses the offerings. Picture: Australscope

He said to local news: “From my time in the food industry, I never thought I would encounter food shaped like genitalia. Would you buy this for your parents? Would you put this in a monk’s alms bowl? If a girl aged 7 or 8 was eating it on the street, is that something you’d want to see?”.

He continues, “Some women take photos of themselves about to eat the waffles, or even videos of themselves eating one to post online. It’s inappropriate and a bad example for the youth.”

Ketnita seems to be oblivious to the criticism, telling local news: "people told me that I’m doing something obscene and un-Buddhist. I got a bit stressed, but I didn’t fight back. I just want people to view it as a snack."

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The size of the stir Ketnita’s sausages have caused has been so big, local television station Amarin TV has interviewed her about her meaty treats. More controversial is the fact Ketnita didn’t even invent the idea penis-shaped snacks, Thai website Coconuts points out penis waffles have been trendy in Taiwan for some time.

New or not, the "snack" is definitely a funny take on a classic dessert. The penis waffle goes for 39 baht which is about $1.20 and comes with options of ketchup, mayonnaise or chocolate as toppings. Don’t fancy sriracha going anywhere near mine though.