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This Baby Was Born Within Its Amniotic Sac And People Are In Awe

The birth-giving process is a beautiful and undeniably fascinating one - it marks the moment your little bundle of joy has finally made it into the world after a long nine months.

And although hundreds of thousands of babies are born every day, each and every birth is special in their own right.

However, few births are as extraordinary as the one that went viral due to the unusual circumstances under which the baby was born.

A video of a baby being within its amniotic sac via cesarean section is taking the internet by storm:

The little one can be seen encased in what looks like a transparent rubber sack. It is then placed on the operating table while the doctors examine the child.

So why was the baby born like this? And is it normal? Well, this kind of birth is known as an "en-caul" birth and it can occur when a baby is delivered vaginally just as when it is delivered via C-section.

The amniotic sac is a sort of bubble that covers all babies in the womb soon after conception. As the baby grows bigger, the sac fills with fluids, which includes the baby's urine. The sac provides the baby with protection as its mother goes about her day-to-day life.

Usually, during the birth, the amniotic sac will break and the fluid will rush out which is where the phrase "my water broke" comes from.

But in some cases, the sac can get stuck around the baby and doesn't properly detach, resulting in the child being born with the sac perfectly intact.

The video makes for a very fascinating watch and, in fact, more than a million people worldwide have seen the extraordinary clip.

It is still unknown as to where the video, which was posted on the Facebook page Birth Without Fear, originally comes from, but it has certainly captivated a large number of people.

The commenters were absolutely mesmerized by what they had seen and left comments like "beautiful birth" and "how cool is this." One person even said they watched the video four times. Others were concerned about the baby's welfare. “OMG, he's crying in there!” one wrote. “This is honestly scary,” another commented.

It's pretty cool that this relatively rare phenomenon was captured on camera as it gives us an insight into what it must be like in the womb, something that none of us even remember.