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This amazing app tells you whenever the ice cream machine at McDonald’s is broken

Here's a question for you: on a hot, sunny day at the height of summer, what is the most disappointing feeling in the world? No, it's not your favorite flip flops breaking or your ice cold beer going warm a touch too quickly. It's not even having to go to work in a stuffy office when you could be outside. I'll tell you - it's getting to front of the McDonald's drive-thru queue, only to be told that the McFlurry machine is out of action. Devastation ensues.

Well, now one kind, amazing, hero of a stranger has put their technical knowhow to good use, and saved the day for everyone by creating an app that tells you when and where the ice cream machines at the McDonald's around your location are broken. In turn,  you can avoid the heartbreak (and probably head to a different branch instead).

First though, let's take a little recap of how the internet feels when the ice cream gods let us down:

Yep, it's not good.

Ice Check, as it is called, was created by Raina McLeod and inspired by her own traumatic lack of ice cream: "One late night I REALLY wanted an Oreo McFlurry, went to McD’s and they told me the machine was down,’ Raina told the Metro. ‘I’d seen the memes but it had never happened to me before and I was soo annoyed.'" To be fair to Raina, this has got to be just about the most productive way anyone has ever channeled their rage.

The app works by relying on the goodwill of the general public to check-in when they visit the Golden Arches and flick the switch to show whether the ice cream machine is on or off, like some kind of glorious public service announcement. If the switch is pink, you're good to go; if it's grey, you're going to have to find somewhere else. Annoyingly, if no one has updated the status for a while, it may not be quite accurate.

But could the power of the Ice Check be abused by merciless McFlurry lovers, keen to hog all of that delicious, creamy ice cream for themselves by pretending that it's off the menu? For now, it's possible. Fortunately, in the longer term, McLeod hopes to hook it up with branches directly so that staff could have control over the switch, which would hopefully make it more reliable.

While it only works in the USA at the moment, we're assured that Canada and the UK will be added in the next update so McFlurry lovers on far-flung shores will be able to rejoice in the glory of knowing their favorite chilly treat will be available.

How McDonald's didn't already create this themselves is beyond me, but at least the problem has finally been solved - because let's face it, the only thing you should have to worry about is whether you're going to plump for Oreo or M&M's in your McFlurry.