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This 2010 Gordon Ramsay and Sofia Vergara Interview Is “Uncomfortable” To Watch After #MeToo

The #MeToo Movement of 2017 revolutionized the world. In the not so distant past, people's sexual deviancy, particularly famous men's, went unchecked, but when news of the Harvey Weinstein scandal broke, Alyssa Milano encouraged people to call out their abusers with the hashtag #MeToo and thus one of the most progressive movements of the 21st century was born.

This led to millions of people calling out those who had sexually harassed them, including a slew of famous faces. The message was clear: modern society was not going to accept sexual harassment in any shape, form or fashion.

But this was far from the case in 2010 when Gordon Ramsay appeared to "harass" Sofia Vergara in an interview.

The footage below has made a lot of people feel very uncomfortable: 

Since then, people's sexual behavior has been under close observation - some famous faces like Louis C.K have even called themselves out on their own misconduct - and this has had the positive effect of improving people's understanding of the importance of consent and the no-nonsense approach people are now taking to even historical allegations of sexual assault.

Now, people are looking to celebrities behavior in the past and, as the clip above of celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay proves, what was perfectly acceptable less than a decade ago would now cause outrage in 2019.

This was reflected by the fact that even though the clip was only posted to Twitter on January the 6th, it has already had almost 47K retweets and over 142K likes.

User Jason Bolaños captioned the video: "Sofia Vergara didn't deserve to be treated like this. This is very very uncomfortable."

In the clip, the chef can be seen making the actress visibly uncomfortable, mocking her accent and at one point even going as far as to place his hand high up on her thigh without consent. Sadly, Vergara's reaction to Ramsay's unacceptable behavior is all too indicative of how many women have responded to sexual harassment for years: try laugh it off, despite their discomfort.

Responding to the video, Twitter user Miranda wrote, "I used to like Ramsay. I wanted to become him. But it turns out..."

Spanish speaker Chi observed: "She straight up yelled 'this guy does not respect me!' In [sic] Spanish. Her body language is more than indicative of her uncomfortableness towards his presence."

Another user wrote of the chef, who is a married father of four with another on the way, "Ewww ramsay [sic]! I wonder how he would react if men did the same thing to his daughters..."

Whereas some Twitter users simply expressed their disgust with emoji and gifs.

"And imagine the hate she would've gotten had she full out called him out? smh," wrote one microblogger of people's attitudes towards sexual harassment in 2010.

While Ramsay's shocking behavior in the kitchen might have helped to establish the chef as a household name, this interview is a testament to the fact that fame and the power which comes from it is no excuse for behaving in a derogatory and predatory way toward someone because of their gender - and do so under the guise of being funny.

It'll be interesting to see how this story develops...