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These food terms from around the world are kind of awesome

Emotional eating is a term most of us are familiar with or have experienced at least once. If you're me, you experience it almost every other day. It mostly occurs when you are sad, when you reach for the tub of Ben and Jerry's and hit the bottom without even realizing.

Emotional eating is such a drag of a term, though. Don't you wish there was a funnier, more light-hearted way to capture such melancholic feelings in a brief, capitulating way? Something that you could put in calligraphic text on top of a pastel solid about Instagram-like wanderlust?

As it turns out, much of the non-English speaking world has the answer. Here are the words and phrases for emotional eating around the world, with their literal translation.

1. Kummerspeck - Germany

We always look to the Germans for efficiency. They've summarised this state of being with the word Kummerspeck, which translates to "Grief Bacon". Love it.

2. Sombremsa, Spain

Sombremsa translates to "over the table", which means to linger at the table and continue the conversation long after the meal has finished. The conversation here probably refers to the dystopic, self-loathing monologue going on in your head.

3. Shemomechana - Georgia

Shemomechana means "I accidentally ate the whole thing", or when you continue to eat long after you're full. "Oops, I just Shemomechana'd" just became my new catchphrase.


4. Natmad, Denmark

This means "night food", or the tradition in Denmark where the food is served at the end of the party when guests go home. Alternatively, it could that thing you bring out when you want them to leave.

Danish pastries

5. Utepils, Norway

This means "outside beer", or drinks to be enjoyed outside in the sunshine.

6. Kalsarikännit, Finland

This literally means drinking at home, alone, and in your underwear. We all do that: why do only the Finnish have a word for it?

7. Madárlátta, Hungary

This means "bird seen", or when you take food on a picnic but don't eat it. Why would people go on a picnic and not eat their food (especially Hungarian food)?

8. Engili, South India 

This means "defiled food", or something that has already been bitten into. Basically a word you can use with all of your roommates.

Be sure to use these words the next time you're in your feels, and you want to eat your way out of them. Maybe even eat the cuisine of the specific word you're feeling for extra levels to your depression. Alternatively, you could just eat pizza. Pizza also works pretty well.