These Succulent Cakes Look Absolutely Delicious

Succulents and cacti are all the rage at the moment. Walk into any Urban Outfitters shop and I promise you that there will be a variety of succulents to purchase. This trend isn’t just limited to the botanical world, though. One smart baker has managed to create incredibly realistic succulents made out of icing, and popped them on top of a cake.

These cakes have grown in popularity thanks to Instagram baker ivenoven. Based in Jakarta, she often posts pictures of her succulent creations, and they always look beautiful. If anything, they look too good to eat! With 300,000 followers on Instagram, her cakes are always getting a lot of attention online.

Ivenoven first started creating these cakes back in 2013. According to her Facebook page: “It started in December 2013 when i baked my first Christmas sugar-coated cookies for my daughter at her school. My simple decorated cookies gain many interest in school and for the next year many have asked how to order my cookies.”

Since starting her baking business in 2014 with her husband, they’ve taken on an additional 12 bakers, all of whom are female: “Now, I’m blessed with 12 awesome and talented female bakers. They are pastry chefs graduated from Melbourne, Sydney, Seattle, Osaka, Kuala Lumpur and of course from Indonesia.”

These succulent cakes are completely edible, as the cacti are made from icing sugar, frosted jade leaves and buttercream icing. I had to double take when I first saw these cakes – they look so realistic.

I’m in awe of these cakes. They really do look too good to eat, and are bang on trend as well. If you’re looking for the most Intagrammable cake imaginable, place an order with Ivenoven, and fast. If you’re a fan of succulents but don’t fancy looking after them, perhaps a succulent cake may be up your alley instead.

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