These Houston Bakers Fed Stranded Victims of Hurricane Harvey With Hundreds of Loaves of Bread

As you all know, Tropical Storm Harvey has caused mass devastation in Texas over the last week. Formerly Hurricane Harvey, the storm has now been downgraded by the National Hurricane Center to a ‘Tropical Depression’, with the heavy rain and high-speed winds dropping.

Yet that doesn’t mean the damage hasn’t been done. Catastrophic flooding will take a long time to subside, with huge areas of Southeastern Texas submerged in water. At least 31 people have been confirmed to have died as a result of the storm, and close to 50,000 homes have been damaged or destroyed so far.

Amidst the tragedy, there is some hope, as many citizens have shown their kindness and generosity in a dire situation. Employees at El Bolillo Bakery, located in Houston, which was hit hardest by the storm, showed this kind of altruistic behaviour earlier this week.

After a late shift over the weekend, four of the bakers realised that the flood had trapped them inside the shop. To take their minds off of their anxieties over their family’s safety, they decided to keep baking. They still had electricity and the shop was dry, so the four of them worked through day and night to make bread, which they then gave out to the victims of the storm.

Brian Alvarado, the manager of the shop on South Wayside Drive, told the Independent:

“When they realised they were stuck, they decided to keep themselves busy and help the community and made as many loaves of bread as they could.

“By the time the owner managed to get to them, they had made so much bread that we took the loaves to loads of emergency centres across the city for people affected by the floods.”

The store, which specialises in Mexican cakes and pan dulce sweet bread, posted a photo of the bakers on their Facebook page, and the event has since gone viral. They didn’t make an exact count of the amount of bread they made, but they used an incredible 4,400 pounds of flour during the period.

Many of the commenters were full of admiration for the men’s actions, with most of the comments calling them “angels”, “heroes”, and blessing them for their compassion during these tough times. Another user wrote: “This is what Mexico and Mexicans are all about – kind and caring!!”

After they escaped the store, the bakers returned home. One of the four bakers had flood damage to his house, but the others were lucky to find their homes dry. Many of the bakery’s other employees have also lost their “cars, homes and valuables”, and the bakery’s owner Kirk Micchaelis has created a GoFundMe campaign to help them rebuild their lives. The campaign has already raised nearly $10,000, and you can help by donating on the page here.

Emergency services, local authorities and volunteers are doing their best to rescue and care for the residents of Houston. We wish them the best, and our thoughts are with those affected by these tragic events.

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