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These are the weirdest fast food menu items from all over the world

We have it pretty good with the choices of fast food we have. If we're in the mood for a cheeseburger, McDonald's is only ever around the corner. Have a craving for some stretchy, melty cheese? A pizza delivery is less than half an hour away.

On top of this, we now have fast-food options from around the world; crazy new inventions and even healthy to-go options mean that everyone is satisfied. This is all great, but have you ever wondered what fast food is like in other countries?

Whether you think these are great or gross, take a look at the oddest eats from McDonald’s, KFC, and other chains around the world.

1. Blue burger

Paris' trendy Colette restaurant is officially closed now but back in September, when they were lining up to say adieu to the eatery, they partnered with burger chain Blend to create a pair of vibrant blue farewell burgers. One burger was topped with blue cheese, garlic mayo and baby spinach. The other had cheddar, ketchup, honey mustard, and iceberg lettuce.

2. Doughnut burger

To celebrate Hannukah, Burger King Israel unleashed the "SufganiKing" - a Whopper that's sandwiched between two halves of a fried doughnut and topped with ketchup jam. I was fine with it all until the ketchup jam.

3. Cheetos quesadilla 

Cheetos have put themselves into a lot of weird situations and this one has to be pretty high up there. Now the quesadilla is being invaded by the bright orange snack. You'll have to travel to one of Taco Bell's Philippines divisions to get your hands on the real thing. Stuffed with jalapeno-flavored Cheetos and a three-cheese blend, recreating this one at home wouldn't be too hard.

4. Pumpkin spice french fries

This couldn't be a better example of flogging a dead horse. After the success of their chocolate-covered fries - and the general hype around pumpkin spice, the McDonald's Japan division decided to roll out their signature French fries covered in chocolate and pumpkin sauce for autumn and Halloween. Truly terrifying.

5. Zinger double down king

This protein-packed sandwich is only available at KFCs in South Korea. Called the Zinger Double Down King, it's a bacon-topped beef patty was nestled between two fried spicy chicken fillet "buns," then garnished with barbecue and white pepper sauces for good measure. Legend has it that vegans turn to stone when they look it in the eye.

6. Tofu-fish McNuggets

How is this for a weird combo? Minced fish, soybeans, onions and carrots that are McNuggetized into bite-size pieces. Though they are shaped and deep-fried just like their chicken cousins, nothing else about Japan's Tofu Shinio Nuggets seem remotely familiar.

7. Paneer sandwich with cream sauce 

KFC in India have the rather interesting Paneer Zinger on their menu. A crunchy, double layered paneer (cheese) patty filled with a spicy creamy sauce, before being topped with lettuce and a sesame bun.

8. Berry burgers

For the holiday season in Japan, Burger King came out with this stunner: a bacon-topped black pepper-mixed beef patty that is covered in a sauce made with raspberries, cranberries, blueberries and red wine. I like all of these things, but I'm not sure if I like them all together.

9. Chicken pot pie

Since it feels like such a classic American comfort food dish, it seems odd that KFC served chicken pot pie (a mix of chicken breast, mashed potatoes and gravy) only in Australia. At least Americans don't have maggots in their chicken.

Did anything on this list give you major food envy? Start saving now, so you can go and try these for yourself. If you can't you could always settle for a Postemates order and watch a TV show or movie from that country.