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Twitter went crazy trying to figure out the right way to remove eggs from a carton

For a lot of us, eggs are the perfect way to get the day started. It's exactly the right balance of protein, fat and calories that fill you up and prepare you for all the stress you're going to come across in the day.

Whether you like them scrambled, poached or with those little weird soldier toast things that British people sometimes have, you've probably never thought about how you get your eggs from carton to stove. It's more than likely that how you remove your eggs from the carton is very different to how others do.

As you're probably aware, you can remove them from left to right, right to left, hell, you can even start from the centre and make your way to the edges or even pick eggs randomly from all over the place (although that would confirm you're a serial killer).

Apparently, the Twittersphere became conscious of this dilemma, and promptly started a debate about what the correct way to remove eggs is. A troll by the name of Brian Faughnan posed the question: "Hey OCD folks. Do you empty the egg carton right to left, or left to right?" Twitter quickly answered his question, but there was a long way from a definitive answer.

With that tweet, Faughnan sparked a heated debate that you probably didn't need to be deleted. Still, it wastes a couple of minutes at work so here are a few of the best arguments.

It starts off pretty diplomatic, @ATLSAHM says "Left to right, then I break off left half the carton when left side is empty," and @tonycorrao tweeted "Both sides so the center is balanced. There's no other logical way," but after that Twitter started to show it's true colors.

@toddhisattava makes things weird by saying he picks his eggs "Alphabetically" and @jenbeth69 says "I make a pattern so the weight is evenly distributed: first row top, last row bottom, second row bottom, etc. Yes, my OCD is real."

@NebulosityNYC says "you just put them in a zig zag pattern which evenly distributes the weight while looking nice." Generally, people were all about weight distribution which makes sense and is probably something I agree with but nevertheless the OCD is real.

The conversation continues for about 400 comments of varying hilarity but the takehome is there are many different methods and considering all of them might actually cause your head to explode, or question your whole morning routine.

To settle your mind, there is a "correct" way to remove your eggs, at least mathematically correct. YouTube channel Mind Your Decisions made a video showing what they believe to be the best methods. They gave several suggestions, starting with an even distribution at the corners, and making your way toward the middle, and keeping the carton balanced.

This image may piss you the hell off, but it's the YouTuber's "most correct" method. It apparently really balances the center of gravity. The video shows kind of a diagonal or staggered approach that keeps the weight distributed evenly. It might be the most symetrical method, but it's also the one that could very well destroy your mental well being.

Anyways, however you remove your eggs, store them properly, try not to drop them and make sure you're cooking the best eggs possible every time.