There’s Now A Lego Restaurant That Serves 10 Types Of Brick Burgers

Everyone knows Lego. As well as the most sure-fire way to please a child of a certain age, they are a branch of toys that practically everyone will have played with at some point. While they started with simple small bricks used to build your own shapes, walls and towers, the brand has branched out into all kinds of different media.

The Lego Star Wars games were so successful that they took their particular type of slapstick comedy and child-friendly spoofing of blockbuster movies across different franchises, with games being dedicated to Indiana Jones, Batman and the Avengers. And they didn’t stop there. After they released The Lego Movie to huge success and critical acclaim, they released Lego Batman this year, with The Ninjago Movie set to come out later this year, and even more films in the pipeline.

But it’s not just the Lego corporation that are creating Lego-related products. While we’ve spent years trying to prevent Lego products from being consumed by naive toddlers, it looks like there is at least one place where you are encouraged to eat brick-shaped objects. In the Phlippines, one particular restaurant has opened, and they have taken it upon themselves to create the world’s first purveyor of Lego-themed fast food.

The restaurant, named Brick Burger, has had some success converting the plastic toy building block brand into delicious food, after owner Jergs Correa realised his dream to make the brick-shaped burgers. While it isn’t officially sanctioned by the The Lego Group, the Danish company who owns the toys, it is dedicated to creating something brilliant in its image.

Brick Burger’s Facebook page describes the restaurant as:

“Building toy blocks, passion with food and extreme creativity are what founded Brick Burger. With the use of 100% mouth-watering pure Australian beef burger patty, fresh vegetables and unique burger bun with unconventional variation of shapes and colors, our goal is to serve our customers with best tasting and one-of-a-kind burgers.”

The menu boasts 10 different burgers, all coming in a Lego brick shaped bun, as well as a number of sides, drinks and other foods. From the regular hamburger all the way to over-flowing burger treats and pasta snacks, the restaurant’s food expands further than the gimmick.

But those burgers do look strangely delicious. Some are even named after characters from The Lego Movie. There’s the Lord Business burger, which is a triple patty cheeseburger with bacon, veggies, and cheese sauce; Nacho Tuesday – a burger with lettuce, tomato, nacho chips and cheese sauce; And Wild Style – a spicy burger with crispy onion rings, drizzled with garlic and BBQ sauce.

The only downside is that many of us will have to travel across the world to drop by the establishment. Though I must say, the trip looks mighty tempting after having a look over that menu. And why not make it a world food tour and stop by Japan, who have just launched a Pikachu McFlurry?

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