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The World Record Instagram Egg Has Cracked And Revealed An Important Message

We live in a world of materialism, selfies, fame, and social media, it is no surprise that the superficial can often take priority in our day-to-day lives. How many of us are guilty of looking at our cell phones for updates and notifications before we've even said "hello" to the people we live with?

And as a result of the world's obsession with the superficial, we live in a time where anybody can become "famous", seemingly for doing nothing. Centuries ago, the most celebrated people were philosophers, inventors, scientists, artists, and world leaders. Now, people can get famous from sex tapes, or being related to people who have had sex tapes.

With that, let me move swiftly on to Kylie Jenner - you've probably heard of her. The youngest sister in the Kardashian-Jenner clan, she shot to fame after being featured on a TV show that was supposed to focus more on her older siblings. In all fairness to her, from this, she has managed to generate a vast international following and, according to Forbes, is on track to become the youngest self-made billionaire on the planet.

Nowadays, celebrity status and social media go hand-in-hand, and Kylie Jenner is incredibly smart when it comes to social media. She is the 7th most-followed person on Instagram with 125 million followers, and she uses the image-sharing site to promote herself, her family, and her cosmetics business. And up until January, Jenner had the most-followed image on the platform.

The image below shows Kylie's daughter, Stormi, grabbing her thumb, in what is a very beautiful picture of mom and baby. This image received over 18 million 'likes' and broke the record for the most-liked picture on Instagram.

Well, as a sort of protest to this, some people decided to set up an account with the aim to break this record. But with a picture of what? Surely it must be good in order to overthrow one of the most powerful celebrities on the planet and a beautiful picture of her and her daughter?

Well, no. It was a picture of an egg, posted on January 4, 2019.

Captioning the image: "Let’s set a world record together and get the most liked post on Instagram. Beating the current world record held by Kylie Jenner (18 million)! We got this. #LikeTheEgg #EggSoldiers #EggGang", the World_Record_Egg account smashed the record, accumulating 52,295,665 'likes' as of this writing (myself included).

Many thought this as a one-and-done thing - a simple protest to highlight just how anyone (or anything) can reach a level of fame with enough support on social media. But after breaking the world record, the egg made a reappearance on January, 18, this time with a small crack in its shell.

This would continue for the next few days, but without any accompanying captions, people were left guessing what exactly was going on with the egg.

Then, on February second, the account posted one final image showing the egg with football-like stitching in the side, along with the caption: "The wait is over 😅 All will be revealed this Sunday following the Super Bowl".

Well, as promised, on February 4, the egg finally cracked in a video that shared a very important message.

Check it out below:

The video was accompanied with the message: "Phew! I feel so much better now 😊 If you’re feeling the pressure, visit to find out more. Let’s build this list together 🙌"

How amazing is that? After realizing how they've built a following of 10 million people, the people behind this account decided to use their newfound fame to raise awareness of mental health surrounding social media, instead of just promoting some silly detoxifying tea.

The response has been overwhelmingly positive from followers of the egg, with one person writing: ‘This is utterly adorable and I love the message behind this! I told myself I was silly for following an egg account, but no regrets!’

Another said: ‘The wait is finally over but it was worth it to have such a great message!’

It's such an important message for this day and age, as so many people can feel the need to portray a "perfect life" on social media, placing so much pressure on their mental well-being. It is an important reminder that if you do need help, then please talk to someone.

Mental Health America, a non-profit based in Alexandra, Virginia, was advertised in the video.