The Sushi Burrito Is The Sushi Breakthrough We’ve All Been Waiting For

This may be stating the obvious, but burritos are bloody great, aren’t they? I can’t think of a single negative aspect to the burrito, even though they’re prone to a spillage every now and again. But even that doesn’t spoil my fun: I simply think of it as a fun challenge.

It may be easy to say that there’s nothing better than a good burrito filled with all the good stuff: guacamole, spicy rice, various types of bean, and some well-marinated chicken. I’m here to tell you that there’s a new type of burrito in town, and it’ll make you re-evaluate your fondness for the original burrito. Introducing, the sushi burrito.

You’re going to want to sit down for this one. Typical burrito ingredients are replaced with sushi ingredients, such as sushi rice, fish, avocado, sauces, and seaweed. It’s then rolled into a burrito sized sushi roll, and is ready to be consumed.

Although the sushirrito has been around for a few years, the enthusiasm for the mutant food hasn’t waned. There’s even a restaurant dedicated to the sushi burrito, the aptly named Sushirrito. The restaurant’s founder, Peter Yen, stated that: “The concept for Sushirrito came to be since we love sushi and wanted it to be more accessible and portable. Burrito-sizing sushi makes a lot of sense given the handheld aspect of it. We weren’t trying to start a trend. We simply wanted to create a new type of food that we like to eat. Hybrid foods only make sense when the foods belong together — just because you can do a mash-up, doesn’t mean you should. ” Wise words there, Peter. Remember what happened to the Cronut?

Sushirrito can be found in five locations throughout Los Angeles, as well as a restaurant in New York. So not only can you enjoy this uber-burrito, but you can eat it whilst looking over the Golden Gate Bridge, or the Statue Of Liberty if it takes your fancy. Talk about dinner with a view.

Apparently, it’s pretty difficult to create the perfect sushirrito: “A good sushi burrito can be tricky and sometimes challenging to get the flavors to blend together well in a larger roll. It takes creativity and great quality in product and recipe to get it right, as well as extremely fresh ingredients.” said Mauricio Fraga-Rosenfeld of Rolls by U in Arlington, US. I don’t know about you, but these look absolutely delicious. See you in the queue at Sushirrito, guys.

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