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The internet is losing its mind over ‘glitter cappuccinos’

Ahhhhh, glitter. Years ago, it used to be something you were allowed to play with once a year, at Christmas, if you were lucky. Fast forward to 2017 and if you're not slathering your face in it all summer, then you're eating it on bagels, and if you're not doing that, then you're probably chucking it around your house like fairy dust. Well, glitter lovers, now you can take it one step further... by drinking it too.

Coffee By Di Bella, an Australian company who have a selection of stores across Mumbai, introduced their two eye-pleasing caffeine fixes - the Diamond Cappuccino and the Gold Cappuccino - earlier this year, and when they popped up on social media recently, the internet went crazy for them.

Their adorable coffees are made by steaming milk and adding a shot of espresso, just like any other cappuccinos. However, the finishing touches that make them really great: if the amazing foam designs weren't enough, they're also dusted with more glitter than you'd find on your grandma's favorite Christmas frock.

Despite what your mum used to tell you about eating art supplies, this glitter is totally edible too. Sorry Starbucks, but your chocolate dust has nothing on these mini works of art.

Now, hordes of other café owners and baristas across the world have been throwing their glittery caps into the ring and showing off their own masterpieces. Among them, was Melbourne Café in Litchfield in the UK, whose amazing gold heart creation also went down well on social media, probably helped by the awesome caption: "Oh dear!! Looks like a fairy just let off wind at Melbourne again #glitter #coffee #gimmicksrus".

Not to be outdone, this effort, courtesy of @sziszi214, was pretty epic too:

Some were... er, weren't quite as successful, though. I mean, the framing is great, but would you even think this was a good idea with an Americano? Surely the glitter just rapidly sinks without the fluffy cushion of frothy milk?

Despite how much the internet loved them, not everyone was convinced:

At the end of the day, she's definitely right. This is a completely pointless, unnecessary addition to the world that only really works on Instagram, and maybe Snapchat on a good day. I want to hate it, I really really do. But, I glitter-ally can't bring myself to. I really want just one.

One final word of warning though: you probably shouldn't be too quick to try and recreate your own at home -  in 2016, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) actually issued a warning against using "decorative non-edible food products" in recipes. So if you do want to take on the challenge of putting your coffee machine to good use, then at least invest in some edible dust to go with it.

So, people of the internet, it's up to you to decide; what's worse... the person that orders the glitter cappuccino, or these most complicated Starbucks orders in history?