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The 20 Most Bizarre Last Meal Request Made By Death Row Inmates

Prisoners on death row are given the chance to not only think long and hard about their crimes before they meet their maker, but the chance to carefully chose a last meal. It's so their spirits can rest in peace, and, let's face it, anyone on death row must be far from peaceful. It doesn't matter what they've been sentenced to death for, they're allowed anything they want.

Given that many people who find themselves on death row are, well, insane, the requests made are often bizarre - after all, it's a chance for them to make a final macabre statement to the world. Whether that involves requesting a meal that will turn them into a sign of peace after they die, or in some cases, make their corpse extremely difficult for the authorities to handle.

So, without further ado, here are the most 20 bizarre last meal requests ever made by death row inmates...

1. The Last Supper

Shockingly, a man named John Nobles - who'd been convicted of two counts of murder - requested the same last supper eaten by Jesus Christ before his execution on the cross. He had bread and wine before he was killed by lethal injection.

2. The Lord of the Rings

Before his death by firing squad, murderer Robbie Lee Gardner asked for a meal consisting of his two favorite meats (lobster and steak), as well as ice cream and apple pie. On and he wanted to eat it while watching The Lord of the Rings trilogy.

3. Dirt

Murderer James Edward Smith asked for a pile of dirt. Hardly a tasty option, but it was his way of sticking it to the authorities. However, his request wasn't granted, and he was served some plain yogurt instead. Bummer!

4. Birthday cake

Miguel Richardson asked for a birthday cake with his wedding date on it as part of his last meal. It was accompanied by the more logical choice of a pizza. What's even creepier is that he got married in prison whilst serving time for double murder!

5. KFC

Serial killer John Wayne Gary was a former KFC manager and wanted food from the restaurant for his last meal. He had of a bucket of original KFC chicken, exactly 12 fried shrimp, fries (obviously), and, for dessert, a pound of strawberries.

6. Sugar-Free Ice Cream

Prior to his death by lethal injection, triple murderer Clarence Ray Allen ordered sugar-free black walnut ice cream as part of his last meal. He also ordered sugar-free pecan pie. Oh and fried chicken and steak.

7. Justice, equality and world peace

Despite being a convicted murderer, Odell Barnes protested his innocence right up until he was executed. For his last meal, he asked for "justice, equality and world peace". It was intended to make a statement and that's exactly what it did.

8. Jolly Rancher Candy

Gerald Mitchell, who'd been sentenced to death for double murder, asked for Jolly Rancher candy as his last meal. You'd have thought he'd have at least asked for more than one type of candy! I guess he just wanted a snack.

9. A bottle of caramel

Former Nazi, Adolf Eichemann, asked for a bottle of caramel. He didn't want any food, just the caramel. He also asked for a bottle of red wine, which he didn't finish. If there was a time when you'd want to be intoxicated, your execution would probably be it.

10. The man who broke the system

Murderer Lawrence Russell Brewer made one of the most extravagant last meal requests in history. Pictured above is a recreation of it. He asked for a beef and cheese omelet, a pizza with his favorite toppings (including a pound of barbecue meat), fajitas, a triple cheeseburger, chicken fried steak, and ice cream with peanut butter fudge. It was to be washed down with three root beers. His request was granted, but then he didn't eat a single bite. After that, Texas prisons stopped granting last meal quests!

11. Coka-Cola and Pepsi

Serial killer William Bonin asked for no less than 18 cans of soda as part of his last meal. I can't help but wonder if he was trying to kill himself before his execution by lethal injection. It was to wash down the two pizzas and ice cream he'd also requested.

12. Cigarettes

Robert Alton Harris requested a packet of cigarettes for his last meal, and hilariously it's been said that they did actually say "Smoking Kills" on the packet. He was a convicted child murderer and met his end in a gas chamber.

13. Pecan pie

Ricky Ray Rector was a double murderer who met his end through the lethal injection. For his last meal, he requested steak, fried chicken, pecan pie and a glass of cherry Kool-Aid. He didn't eat the pecan pie and said he was "saving it for later".

14. Chocolate chip ice cream

Convicted terrorist Timothy McVeigh, in a creepy final act, ordered a very child-like final meal of two pints of mint chocolate chip ice cream. He was responsible for the Oklahoma City bombing, which claimed the lives of 168 people.

15. Nothing

Serial killer Ted Bundy asked for a last meal of nothing. Despite his request, he was still given the standard Florida last meal of steak, eggs, toast, jelly, milk, coffee, juice and hash browns. He refused to eat a single bite!

16. Salad fruit

Double murderer Karla Faye Tucker requested a last meal of a salad, a banana and a peach. It clearly wasn't appetizing because she didn't eat any of it. We can only assume that she regretted not opting for something unhealthy...

17. Cottage cheese

Murderer Stephen Wayne Anderson ordered an oddly specific last meal which included a pint of cottage cheese (yuck!). He also requested radishes, sweetcorn, two grilled sandwiches, and a pecan pie with ice cream. Look him up. He's smiling in his mugshot!

18. SpaghettiOs

Double murderer Thomas J. Grasso requested an extensive last meal consisting of two dozen steamed clams, two dozen steamed mussels, a double cheeseburger, ribs, two large milkshakes. SpaghettiOs with meatballs, and for dessert, half a pumpkin pie and strawberries and cream. However, a terrible mistake was made and Grasso expressed his anger when he spoke his last words, "I did not get my SpaghettiOs, I got spaghetti. I want the press to know this."

19. A cracker and six Coca-Colas

Murderer James Hudson requested exactly six bottles of Coca-Cola and a single cracker as his last meal. I can understand the Coke to some extent, but the cracker?! This guy clearly was crackers when he was executed by lethal injection.

20. An unpitted olive

Robert Buell murdered an 11-year-old girl and he requested a single, black unpitted olive. Despite being a child killer, he wanted to become a symbol of peace. He thought that by eating the olive he'd grow into an olive tree once he was dead. He didn't.

What would you have for your last meal if you could choose? Personally, I'd opt for a bag of popcorn kernels so that I can cause some serious trouble at my cremation. What can I say? I want to go out with a bang. Literally.