The 14 Worst Fast Food Fails Of All Time

There’s a certain unrivalled joy to visiting a fast food restaurant. I remember that when I was younger, I would constantly ask my parents for a McDonald’s Happy Meal, just to see what toy I would get. As I’ve gotten older, I still get butterflies and a pang of excitement when I sneak a peek at the Happy Meal’s toy cabinet.

Every so often, however, human error can play a huge part in ruining a fast food meal. Four chicken nuggets instead of six? Too much lettuce in your wrap? All issues that can arise so very easily. Thankfully, these kinds of mistakes can be solved pretty quickly – throw in another chicken nugget with a smile and you’re good to go. The mistakes below, however, cannot be saved. These fast food fails are big’uns, and whoever made them should be fired on the spot.

1. When the fillings become the toppings

2. Cheese on cardboard, delicious!

3. Bun that

4. Three random chicken selections

5. When the wrap has a best before date stamped on it…

6. Extra mayo?

7. This ain’t how a chicken burger works

8. Yep, that is raw, uncooked chicken nuggets

9. Toppings come separately

10. Not quite the right order

11. A sad state of affairs

12. Does anyone even like gherkin this much?

13. Yeah, extra bread no filling please

14. So near, but yet so far

I think my tiny little heart would break if I was faced with one of these monstrosities. Just look at them. How did it all go so wrong, so quickly? It’s something which no one should have to go through alone. If you see someone crying in a fast food restaurant, this could very well be the reason why.

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