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Tennis icon Roger Federer reveals everything he eats in a single day

20-time Grand Slam tennis champion Roger Federer is skipping the clay so he can be fit for the grass at the 2018 Wimbledon Championships. Given he's 36 (and won pretty much everything he can), he might be on the verge of burning out, so this rest is probably well deserved.

You may think it's a wonder how he can still be as dominant at his age, but when you think about it, it's not really that complex. In order to keep his performance up (winning the Australian Open this year for example), you know Federer eats right and stays on top of his wellbeing. So what does he eat to keep himself fresh and fit? Well, if you're curious, you've come to the right place.

To start his day, Federer prefers to go sweet rather than savory and reportedly enjoys homemade waffles with a fresh fruit compote on the morning of a match. To wash the waffles down, Federer has fresh juice, coffee, and an apple cider vinegar shot.

Before tennis, Federer will eat a plate of pasta. "Two hours before every match, I eat pasta with light sauce." He may have a new deal with Italian food company Barilla but this is no plug. "I have been doing it for 20 years," he says.

In between practice sessions or competition matches, Federer is no stranger to snack bars. He also eats bananas, which are a good source of carbohydrates and potassium. When tennis players contest long matches, their energy levels may lull and they may succumb to cramp if they lose too much potassium. Bananas help players like Federer refuel. I find it rather interesting that this logic only works for tennis players.

Research would suggest that energy drinks may be a superior way of replenishing an athlete's body during competition. This is because the body absorbs liquids quicker than solid foods, like a banana. The slower release of a banana may work in a tennis player's favor due to the longevity of their games, as opposed to a track athlete or football player.

When Federer goes out for dinner, variety is clearly the spice of life. "I am a lover of Italian, Japanese, and Indian restaurants," he said recently. He's been known to even take selfies with naan bread.

It's not all healthy foods, though. Federer does have a sweet tooth and can't resist ice cream. "I like my ice cream, I like my chocolate," he said in 2017. "That’s my diet. I like my treats, I don’t feel bad about it. I can do it and play tennis at the same time."

Federer has also tried local delicacies in other countries, including Scotland. He once received Irn-Bru and a tin of shortbread biscuits, made especially by [British tennis player] Andy Murray's grandmother. He has always been open to experimenting with cuisines and admits that fondue and raclette are his favourite dishes.

Not only this, but rather surprisingly, Roger Federer drinks alcohol if he is celebrating success. He may look dapper in his tuxedo and his glass of champagne, but sometimes he doesn't just have one glass and admits to previously suffering a "head-ringing" hangover when he mixed his drinks until 5 a.m., the morning after his eighth Wimbledon title in 2017.

Federer's talents allow him to give himself some luxuries that other athletes may not allow themselves because they need their body to perform at its peak. But what is life if you don't enjoy it? I'm sure he's just as hard a worker in the gym as he is on the court. You eat something like this and maybe you could be widely considered as the best male tennis player of all time.