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This Teacher’s Students Wouldn’t Stop Giving Her Fruit, And She Had No Idea Why

Being a teacher is no mean feat - and I should know, I used to be one. You've got a lot of kids not only educate, but generally, care for their welfare, and do everything in your power to ensure that they grow into decent members of society. But kids being kids, they have a penchant for winding their teachers up in any way they can, whether it's by incessantly flipping their water bottles (seriously, it's a thing, no wonder I quit), passing each other notes, or, as was the case for one teacher, gifting fruit.

Now, of all the things kids could do to wind up their teacher, giving them fruit is definitely one of the more pleasant options. I once had a pupil offer me up some of their home baking as an apology for misbehaving, and while I graciously accepted it, the moment I did, my mind flooded with all the horrible possibilities of what the cakes might contain. After such a stern telling off, I was convinced the pupil in question had spat in the sugary mix, but thankfully that wasn't the case for this teacher...

Taking to Tumblr to share her bizarre experience, writing under the pseudonym quomododragon, she explained that she knew her students were up to something when they began to repeatedly gift her fruit - with no explanation as to why.

Understandably, this piqued the teacher's curiosity, even more so because of the range of fruits which their pupils were gifting.

Presumably upset that she hadn't received any fruit when she took a sick day, the teacher decided to use this as an opportunity to once again try to get to the bottom of the mystery. But it only ended up deepening further!

This hilarious meme was accompanied by a message warning the teacher that the fruity gifts weren't stopping any time soon:

Then, just when it looked like the teacher was never going to get to the bottom of the mystery, she received a mysterious letter from her students, who described themselves as her "favorite", and a plastic lemon...

Clearly, these are some smart kids who knew what they were doing. The teacher subsequently joked:

Inside the letter was presumably this explanation, revealing that one of the students had been dared at a party to repeatedly present the teacher with fruit - and no explanation. And while this might have bothered less good-humored educators, this teacher was quite happy with "any thought process that ends with me getting free food."

Because of the brilliant report that this teacher had built with her pupils, various Tumblr users then began to ask her for tips:

Others simply praised quomododragon's students for going to so much effort the sake of a dare:

Although it was suggested that the teacher could have used the lemon gift to regain control of the situation:

And, like me, one person said that they've have been very, very suspicious of food gifted to them by students:

What do you think of the pupils' actions? Impressive commitment to a dare or stupidity at its finest?