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Taco Bell Has Started Selling Tortilla Chips Made Out Of Fried Chicken

Over the past few months, Taco Bell have come up with so many bizarre inventions that it's difficult to keep track. First, there was the Naked Chicken Chalupa, which somehow managed to transform fried chicken into an actual taco shell. Then, there was the Naked Breakfast Taco. This genius invention transformed the humble egg into a taco shell strong enough to hold potatoes, sausage, bacon and nacho cheese.

It looks like Taco Bell have hit it out of the park yet again with their latest creation: the Naked Chicken Chip. Incredibly, the fast food joint has managed to take a piece of fried chicken and shape it into a perfect tortilla chip size. Sure, you might think these simply look like triangular chicken nuggets, but don't be fooled, because these faux chips are a lot closer to the real deal than you'd think.

If you're currently on a low carb high protein diet but still want to get your Taco Bell fix, these are the perfect menu item to try, apparently. Of course, that deep fried batter is probably going to be made out of carbs, but who's counting? If you're eating at Taco Bell, you should probably leave your healthy intentions at the door.

Want to give these genius creations a try for yourself? You'll be able to purchase a six-piece for $1.99, or a 12-piece pack for $2.99 in locations across the country from today. If the chicken chips alone won't sustain you, then you can also purchase a $5 box that comes complete with a burrito supreme, crunchy taco and medium drink.

Just like the Naked Chicken Chalupa before it, Naked Chicken Chips will be available for a limited time only. So I'd suggest you grab your keys and head over to your local joint ASAP. Grab me a box while you're at it?