Taco Bell Just Made A Taco Out Of Fried Chicken And The Internet Is Freaking Out

When KFC released its infamous double down “burger” back in 2010, the world collectively freaked out. By replacing the traditional burger bun with two meaty slabs of fried chicken, the fast food joint created a meal that simultaneously grossed out and intrigued customers in equal measure.

Since then, KFC have released a hot dog version and a Hawaiian special edition, but no other chains have dared to get in on the meat-as-bread action. Until now. That’s because Taco Bell have just released their latest, greatest creation to date: a taco shell made out of fried chicken. Yes, you heard me correctly. This is not a drill, people.

The Naked Chicken Chalupa, which is what Taco Bell are calling this genius idea/monstrous creation, consists of crispy fried chicken forced into the shape of a taco shell. Inside the taco, you’ll find lettuce, diced tomatoes, cheddar cheese and creamy avocado ranch.

Marisa Thalberg, Taco Bell’s chief marketing officer, said in a statement: “Something this delicious yet different is bound to ruffle some feathers; some might even cluck their tongues at it. However, we feel confident that once our fans get a taste of the Naked Chicken Chalupa, they are going to understand exactly why this is our next big, fun and craveable innovation, following in the footsteps of the Doritos Locos Tacos five years ago and the Quesalupa just last year.”

And if you were wondering how on earth they’ve managed to mould chicken into the shape of a taco shell, the following photo should clear things up for you. Looks easy when you know how, huh?

Predictably, the internet responded to the news with a combination of excitement, self-loathing, and the dawning realisation that no matter how gross the chicken taco seems, you have to try it.

If you’re in desperate need to shove one of these in you face as soon as possible, I’m afraid you’re going to have to wait till 26 January to try it. However, the good news is that it’ll cost you a measly $2.99 and will be available in a combo deal with a Doritos Locos Taco, crunchy taco and medium drink for $5.

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