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Student claims to have found something pretty gross in her Egg McMuffin

It can be pretty gross to find things in the food you cook yourself (usually a stray hair that's made its way in), but at least it's your mistake. When you're eating food someone else has cooked and you find a foreign object inside your meal; well, it can put you off eating the entire thing. There are people out there who have come across far worse invaders into their meals than a stray hair, and I count myself as lucky for not being a part of them.

One university student found something extremely gross in her Egg McMuffin recently, in a particularly poor end to a Saturday night out. Looking for a quick bite, this customer headed to the Braddon McDonald’s drive-thru in Canberra, but noticed that "something was off" with her egg and cheese McMuffin.

"I took a bite and then I realised something wasn’t right,” she said, speaking to Yahoo7 News anonymously. “I opened it up and found what looks like a piece of chewing gum. It was cooked into the burger, it was in the cheese.” This anonymous customer said she felt “sick just thinking about it”, and I've got to say I feel exactly the same way. That feeling goes up to 11 once you see the images she provided.

“You trust these people to make your food,” she said of the horrible surprise. “I was disgusted from a health standpoint, who knows where that has been and what it is carrying.” The customer later returned to the McDonald's along with a friend, returning the burger and alerting one of the managers to the major slip-up. She was offered a full refund, as well as something else from the menu. She turned another McDonald's item down, for obvious reasons.

“I’m never going back… if I hadn’t checked it, I would have eaten it,” she explained. “How many other people has this happened to, not just at this McDonald’s but at others as well?”

The restaurant manager told Yahoo7 News that the supervisor in charge on the night believed the item embedded in the McMuffin may have been blu tac, but none of them had any idea how it ended up in the student’s meal. He explained:

“My manager took images of the muffin but then he threw it away. I checked with my kitchen straight away to see if there is some way it could’ve gone into the meal. I have reviewed the footage of that night… there is no possible way it could have fallen in.”

This manager also believes that none of his staff are responsible for what had happened, but followed procedure all the same. He wrote a foreign items form to the McDonald's head office, as well as apologising to the woman affected. The customer reported the incident to ACT Public Health, which confirmed they are currently investigating - although it's unclear whether any further action will be taken at this time.