Someone’s Finally Explained Why The McFlurry Spoon Has A Hollow Bottom

We’ve all tried to suck our McFlurry out of the big hollow spoons they sell them with.

Yet no matter how hard we inhale or try to strategically place the spoon around the cup, it never works.

I mean, it looks just like a straw doesn’t it?

But to our surprise, the McFlurry spoons are manufactured that way to serve an entirely different purpose.

Tumblr user thewaitingplatypus, an ex-McDonald’s employee explained it for us:

He included these pictures to illustrate it better. The plastic utensil is also used to mix the ice cream.

The hollow body allows the spoon to be attached to the machine, rotating it to stir the dessert.

So it’s not actually a straw… oh well.

But c’mon McDonalds, why would you try and trick us all like that? I mean- I have to actually SCOOP the McFlurry with a SPOON and eat it like NORMAL ice-cream?? Insane!

It’s not just me who was shocked by the discovery though.

The news is changing lives.

This Twitter user however isn’t affected at all.


You go Kora! Prove them wrong!

Writing this article has definitely made me hungry for a McFlurry now!

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