Someone Just Made A 200-Pound Chocolate Bar

YouTube is a wonderful place to find a food challenge or two. Although they may make you feel slightly queasy, there’s a small sense of support and accomplishment when you witness someone succeeding in a food challenge which seems impossible.

EpicMealTime, a YouTube channel with over 7 million subscribers, are consummate professionals when it comes to food challenges. They have a slight twist, however, in that they create the most unimaginable meals possible. Their culinary creations are impossible to eat, but it’s still incredibly satisfying to watch their meal prep process. The latest challenge? A 200-pound chocolate bar.

Judging by the photographs, this bar looks like the size of a small child. It weighs more than most adults, and requires a saw to cut it in half. If you’ve given up chocolate for lent, then look away now, because this chocolate bar is every chocoholic’s dream.

The bar is stuffed full of sweet treats, including 200 creme eggs, wafers and melted chocolate. If you’re looking to replicate this meal at home, you’ll need about $1,200 dollars to purchase all the ingredients necessary. This chocolate bar is a pretty big investment, y’know. You can check out how to make this larger-than-life “snack” in the video below.

I dread to think how many calories are contained in this chocolate bar, but I bet it’s a fair few. I’m partial to a chocolate bar or two, but this really takes the biscuit. The sugar high would also be unimaginable, and you’d probably enter another realm by the end of it. Do you think you could take this chocolate bar on?

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