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Soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo reveals everything he eats in a single day

You know a sports personality is good if you don't even like sports and you know who they are - it usually helps if they're insanely attractive too. No one epitomizes this like Cristiano Ronaldo - few people on the planet are unaware of the footballing superstar.

The Real Madrid and Portugal national team striker is one of the best soccer players in the world. He has five Ballon d'Or awards, four Champions League titles, and even helped his country win the UEFA European Championship in 2016. With all those accolades, there's no doubt the star is incredibly gifted, but that's not the entire story when it comes to the 33-year-old.

He is one of the fittest, most athletic sportsmen in world football today; you go to any park in the world, and every kid in there is trying to play like him. To maintain an edge over his opponents, he has to stay motivated on the training ground - and ensure he eats right. Have a look at what one of the greatest talents consumes to stay on the top of the game.

What you usually hear about the best is that they don't deprive themselves of particular food groups, Ronaldo follows this trend to a T. He is a big fan of continental-style breakfasts, featuring pastries, cold cuts, European cheeses, and fresh fruit - all washed down with a latte and juice.

Being Portuguese, and specifically hailing from Madeira, Ronaldo has a taste for fruits and juices, according to Portugal national team chef Luis Lavrador. The chef says Ronaldo's preferences include "pear, apple, or pineapple juice", but he is also "very fond of coffee".

Chef Lavrador also highlighted Ronaldo's love of fish. "Ronaldo eats all sort of dishes, as a responsible athlete he is, but the one he likes the most is fish like gilt-head bream, swordfish and sea bass." Ronaldo loves fish so much that he will even incorporate it into dishes he prepares himself, like taking sardines straight from the tin and dumping them onto fresh bread. He captioned the photo below on Instagram, "Do you want some?" Not everybody said yes.

As Ronaldo trains a lot, he drinks plenty of fluids. He said: "I stay hydrated with a sports drink that gives me energy for training and matches. It has a mix of carbohydrates that boosts endurance and is lower than many other sports drinks in sugar. It also contains electrolytes to help with hydration and vitamin B12 that fights fatigue."

Ronaldo has said that he eats "simple whole foods like fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean protein." He ticks a lot of those boxes when it comes to lunches or post-training meals. An example, hard-boiled eggs, tuna fish, and tomatoes.

It's not all about fish for Ronaldo, as he also enjoys a steak. In fact, when he eats out at restaurants, he frequently orders steak and salad. He probably wears a shirt when he goes out, though. Probably.

Regardless of how otherworldly his soccer skills are, Ronaldo is still human and does not live exclusively on healthy foods - he's been known to eat chocolate and cake, for example. His absolute favourite dish is "Bacalhau à Brás," and is something he might have at dinner. Bacalhau is made from shreds of salted cod, onions, and matchstick-sized fried potatoes. It is served on a heap of scrambled eggs and garnished with things like olives and parsley.

The forward, who plays for one of the best teams in the world in Real Madrid this season alone, has scored 40 goals from 38 appearances in La Liga and Champions League competitions. He is set to contest another Champions League final on May 26. With all that healthy delicious food, perhaps it's no surprise he keeps on winning.