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Sobbing Daughter Is Left Distraught By Mom’s ‘Pregnant’ Turkey Prank

It's a basic fact of the animal kingdom that birds - rather than giving birth to live offspring as, say, us humans do - lay eggs. We might primarily eat eggs from hens but the truth is all birds lay eggs. From your standard pigeon to exotic flamingos, their offspring are brought into the world through the process of laying and hatching.

Also, it's Thanksgiving today and birds (well, one particular bird) play an important part in the family-centric holiday. Families across the States join their mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters - you name it - around the dinner table for a meal based around the historically significant bird that is the turkey.

And if you're vaguely aware of the biology of turkeys, you'll know that - like all birds - they too lay eggs. And why I am I pointing this out? Well, in light of a recent viral video centering around a girl whose mother convinced her that their cooked turkey had been pregnant with a baby turkey, it seems that not everyone is totally aware of how baby birds are brought into the world.

Watch the hilarious prank video here:

The mother in question was Nerissa Hawkinson and she came up with the most hilarious prank that involved convincing her daughters Raquel and Nicole that the turkey she bought for dinner was pregnant with a baby turkey.

The Montana native stuffed a Cornish game hen inside the cooked turkey and waited for he daughters to find it before the actual dinner. Unfortunately, for the prankster, Nicole had already spotted the Cornish hen in the fridge earlier so that meant she had to be in on the joke and trick Raquel into thinking it was an actual baby turkey.

So Raquel starts removing the stuffing, all the while Nicole is unable to control her amusement at the situation. She can't wait to see her sister's reaction. Nerissa films it all, telling Raquel to continue getting the stuffing out. That's the moment where she finds the "baby".

“Why is there a turkey inside of a turkey? Oh my god, what is this? Mom this isn’t funny, I’m crying. Mom, there’s a baby turkey in the turkey. It’s a girl,” Raquel squeals.

Raquel, being the animal lover she is, was distraught by the mere idea that the turkey they would be eating was pregnant when it was cooked. She had never really considered the pretty obvious fact that turkeys actually lay eggs rather than give birth in the way that mammals do. It was an odd and rather disturbing sight, seeing the turkey's "baby" already plucked and dressed.

Nerissa later reveals that the whole thing was just one big joke. But it's a little late for that - Raquel is overwhelmed by shock and distress. Nicole, on the other hand, finds herself in a hysterical fit of giggles that even sees her crawling on the floor. Family - they're great, huh? When Nerissa shared the video of her hilarious prank, it went viral almost immediately.

"It would've been better if they put a couple hard boiled eggs in there instead," one commenter wrote.

"What really makes this video funny is the people laughing their asses off in the background," said another.
"I like how she didn't stop to think that even if birds didn't lay eggs, the turkey inside of the 'Pregnant' turkey that had already been cleaned out and dressed, had ALSO been cleaned and dressed," a third wrote.

Luckily, once Raquel had overcome the shock of it all, she was a good sport about it and was happy to let her mom share the hysterical moment with the world. Yes, the bar has truly been raised for this year's Thanksgiving pranksters. Step up your game, people.