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Shailene Woodley lifts the lid on her bizarre diet that includes eating clay

We all fell in love with Shailene Woodley in The Fault In Our Stars, and watched her kick ass and become a role model in the Divergent series. She has become an actress on everyone's radar, as she has been in numerous blockbuster hits and TV gold. However, her food choices aren't as popular, as she is unique in her eating habits.

Shailene Woodley is known for her very organic approaches to diet and beauty, so when the actress stopped by The Late Show on Monday night, host David Letterman couldn't help but ask her about her unique health tips. Finding out that Shailene eats clay.

Not the Play Doh kind, that is, but a certain kind of that has a negative electrical charge, can help to expel positively charged toxins from the body. Woodley says it "helps your body rid of ... heavy metals."

Paul Mackey, owner of Nature's Cleansing Clay, and the man behind the edible clay Shailene subscribes to, says "the benefits of clay's "full-body detoxification" are nothing short of amazing. It builds one's immune system, balances pH levels and "allows the body to naturally heal itself and fight off future disease." Mackey suggests that users take it mixed with water, and that's what the Divergent star does.

Shailene avoids processed and junk foods at all cost. She's not only concerned about what she's eating, but how it affects the environment. Thus she sticks to clean foods to keep herself and the planet healthy. She actually grows a lot of food herself, as she loves the cathartic process of planting something and watching it grow and become a part of the environment. She says she forages for 30 percent of her diet, eating wild foods.

Losing weight has never been a goal for Shailene, she believes in ridding her body of toxins and eating to keep your body healthy, not for body image. It's about what is inside that matters (sounds like something she would say in a film of hers).

A typical day starts with a morning coffee. It's a little different to what we're used to - she has bulletproof coffee where she puts a little bit of coconut oil and butter in her coffee. Think a latte, but creamier.

Throughout her day she'll try and have access to the freshest fruits possible. Her favorites are strawberries, pineapple, raspberries and grapefruit, believing they can easily satisfy your sweet tooth rather than reaching for a piece of cake for dessert. If you want to do the same, get yourself to a farmer's market.

While most of us snack on granola bars or hummus and veggies, Shailene likes to snack on seaweed. She never buys anything packaged, and makes most of her meals or snacks herself. We already know about her kinship for clay but her main foods are fresh eggs, with unpasteurized sauerkraut and fresh vegetables.

On top of this Shailene stays constantly active which keeps her healthy as well. For her, yoga is a big part of her life as she practices it daily. She is also very into walking, running and stair climbing. If you were to follow 30 percent of her lifestyle, you'll probably feel really good in no time. Whether you want to do the clay thing, though, is up to you.