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Say hello to the ‘Belly of the Beast’ burger, which weighs a heart-stopping 15 pounds

Las Vegas, the city of sin. There you'll find lust, greed, pride, despair, wrath, vainglory and sloth - go to the right hotel/casino and you'll experience them all at once, if you're lucky (or sinful) enough. I am of course missing out one more - one that's probably close to a lot of you Food Envy fanatics - gluttony. I see you eating that pizza cake.

Truffles N Bacon, a restaurant just off the Strip, is arguably home to the deadly sin of glutton. Here, they have created a behemoth known as the "Belly of the Beast Burger" that merits a trip to confession just for staring at it.

This, believe it or not, is a double cheeseburger, according to Truffles N Bacon aficionados. This bad boy dwarfs cheeseburgers around the world and every other item on the menu and is packed with as much heat as it is meat.

In terms of protein, you've got two hubcap-sized beef patties that require a special spatula to flip, and slabs of pork belly thicker than a textbook. Each slab of burger is also topped with a mound of Flamin' Hot Cheetos "nachos." They're cooked down with tomatoes, jalapeños, and tater tots before being smothered in a blend of cheese and piled high on the burger.

The pièce de résistance to the Belly of the Beast Burger are four sunny-side-up eggs. When combined with spicy Korean Mayo, ranch, and BBQ sauce, the eggs ensure that the entire monstrosity is sauced from the top down.

While some massive burger challenges can lack on quality, Truffles N Bacon packs flavor into every last morsel of their burger bastion. Even if you've seen the Instagrams, heard how much it weighs (around the same as a bowling ball) and spoken to people who've tried it and lived to tell the tale, you're still not ready for just how big it is. It's wider than a hubcap, taller than your head, and is absolutely dripping with cheese, tater tots, and egg yolks.

Only the most steel-bellied can be bold enough to take a look at it and say: "break me off a slice of that!" Because, yes, that's how it's served: By the slice. Though it's physically impossible to take one bite of all of the layers at once, nothing should stop you from trying. All this, and it's actually not part of a challenge where you win a free t-shirt at the end.

It all started with a humble Flamin' Hot Cheeto. "A customer brought us Hot Cheetos one day, and asked our chef to make something with them," explains owner Magnolia Magat, miming pinching a single cheese puff between two fingers. The challenge was accepted, and before long, they debuted on the menu as Disco Tots.

The Belly of the Beast Burger needs to be ordered 72 hours in advance, and can feed six to eight people comfortably. For those not keen on going after 15 pounds of burger at once, a smaller version, called the Hot Beast, is also available. "One father ordered it in place of a birthday cake," Magat said.