Salad Cakes Are Here To Solve All Of Your Dieting Dilemmas

I’m not one for ordering a salad as a main course when I’m out for dinner. You’re never going to get as much enjoyment out of a salad if your friend has ordered a delicious and filling risotto or chunky steak. No one should be hangry after a meal, but sometimes a salad will do that to you.

What if, however, there was a salad that was a little different to the others? A salad that looked like a much-loved dessert? Introducing Vegedeco’s Salad Cakes. The concept is simple, albeit a little mad. Mitsuki Moriyasu, the creator of these leafy creations, has combined the structure of a cake with the filling and ingredients of a salad. Somehow, they look enticing.

Mitsuki Moriyasu created the dairy free cakes as a guilt free alternative to typical cakes. Moriyasu claims that: “It looks like a normal cake — but it’s made of only veggies. You can have it for breakfast, lunch — and it’s very suitable for dinner with wine. Each cake tastes different, depending which vegetables we use — but I would say it tastes like something you’ve never had before.”

Instead of icing, the vegetable-stuffed cake is covered in tofu. Inside, the “sponge” is made up of soy powder, eggs, and vegetable oil. The cake is then decorated with vegetables and salads, with colouring from healthy sources such as beetroot. The cake is also low in carbs and gluten free, with one slice clocking in at just 193 calories. What’s more, one slice of this salad cake will ensure that your daily recommended serving of vegetables is met.

If these cakes look like something you’d like to try, you’re going to have to visit Japan. The Vegedeco Salad Cake cafe is located in Sakae, Nagoya, inside French-themed restaurant La Porte Marseille. I would recommend making these salad cakes at home, but there’s no way they’ll be nearly as beautiful as Moriyasu’s creations.

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