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‘Rick and Morty’ Szechuan Sauce could finally be returning to McDonald’s

Here in 2018, the frenzy over Rick and Morty Season three and its obsession with Szechuan Sauce seems like a distant, fading, inter-galactic nightmare. I'm sure you all recall the season three opener with Rick declaring his bizarre, undying love for the Oriental sauce. In the real world, we've since seen both delight and chaos at the release (and sometimes lack of release) of the promotional treat.

After McDonald's massively underestimated the hype around the resurrection of the product their stores saw scores of disgruntled customers and riots that eventually led to the police being called. It was only a lucky few that benefited from the release, either getting some lovely sauce for their nuggets or getting a car out of it (a story that sounds like it's straight from an episode of Rick and Morty).

But if some leaked information and cryptic comments from the fast food giant are any indication, then the saucepocalypse is imminent. Szechuan Sauce could return to McDonald’s any day now, according to some people claiming have inside information about McDonald’s food shipments.

The original appearance of the sauce in Rick and Morty at the start of season three ended with Rick Sanchez foaming at the mouth as he ranted about a sauce McDonald’s promoted decades ago for the animated Mulan movie. For a long time after that, demand for the condiment grew and grew, until McDonald's broke down under the sheer weight of consumer pressure and decided to reissue the sauce in limited supply in October.

It did not go well; with supply running out far more quickly than expected, leaving dedicated Rick and Morty fans feeling rather shortchanged. A backlash quickly ensued.

After the botched rollout, McDonald's quickly apologised and promised: “Szechuan Sauce is coming back once again this winter.” Some of the full statement read: "Between the costumes, the memes and the cross-state travel, you, the fans, showed us what you got. And our super-limited batch, though well-intentioned, clearly wasn't near enough to meet the demand. Not cool."

With less than a month to go in "this winter," we're all starting to wonder when it'll actually happen, if at all. But now it looks like McDonald's might finally make good on one of its promise to bring back the sauce en masse.

On Wednesday, one hero going by the name LaserBungalow on Reddit risked his job as a McDonald's employee to share a picture of the digital register menu that included an icon that read: "Condiment: Szechuan Sauce." His post reads: “Szechuan sauce is real very soon (sic), I work at McDonald’s and found this in the register menu. You’re welcome.”

Could it be true?

For all we know, this could be some kind of doctored image. But one commenter on the thread seemingly confirmed the information, writing, “Can confirm. Large shipments and it’ll be available February 26.” Further comments clarify that these large shipments will arrive in stores on that date, but can we really trust Redditor bsknuckles?

A few more unverified Redditors spoke up about the issue so its legitimacy does seem likely, but if it doesn't come from the horse's mouth, it's hard to believe it's true. Yet early Thursday morning, the official McDonald’s Twitter account also issued a strangely positive-sounding response to a demanding fan.

@Gfreestudio wrote to McDonald's: "WHERE IS MY #SZECHUANSAUCE! !!!?" and the fast-food chain replied: "Stay tuned, we’re working on getting Szechuan sauce back to this dimension as fast as possible!"

With mere weeks left to go in winter, chances are very high we'll get some sort of official announcement from the Golden Arches very soon about the sauce's release. Maybe get your riot gear ready just in case.