Restaurant Owner Served Gordon Ramsay Steak On A Roof Tile, He Lost His Mind

Gordon Ramsay is well known for being difficult to please. You just need to tune in to his popular cooking show, Hell's Kitchen, to realise that. Within minutes of watching the show you'll be exposed to Ramsay angrily shouting at incompetent chefs, throwing food and most entertainingly, hurling an impressive barrage of insults and expletives upon anyone that irritates him. In fact, you probably are more acquainted with the celebrity chef's famous temper than his cooking.

If you enjoy Ramsay's outbursts, take a seat and fetch some popcorn - the chef has got spectacularly aggravated by sub-par cooking yet again. In a recent episode of his other hit show, Kitchen Nightmares, we see Ramsay's less than savoury reaction to one restaurant's twist on the classic, filet mignon.

Watch the video below...

In the video you can see that Ramsay is unimpressed by the restaurant's offerings from the start. His appetizer of "seared ahi tuna" is so spicy that he deems it an "embarrassment to tuna" whilst the "seafood platter" is more of a "s***ty platter".

However, Ramsay really begins to lose his cool when it comes to the restaurant's version of what he calls the "chef's dream", filet mignon.

Firstly, he's not happy that it's served on a trolley.

But he appears to overlook that until he sees the way that the famous French dish is plated.

It is served on none other than a roof-tile...

Whilst the contraption was engineered quite cleverly to allow the garlic butter to trickle down into the dish, like a "drain-pipe", Chef Ramsay just ended up looking downright shaken by the restaurant's, erm, unique presentation style.

The only thing that could save the restaurant now was if they had prepared an excellent filet mignon, but, as you could tell from Ramsay's face after he had taken the first bite, he was far from impressed.

"That's the toughest and most chewiest filet mignon I've ever tasted in my whole life" he declared, and the meal was quickly rushed away by the anxious looking waitress.

I guess it's safe to assume that the steak was on the house.

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