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Ranch Dressing Fountains Are Here To Save 2017

I have a confession to make: I'm a chocolate fountain addict. In fact, I've been known to reject wedding invites simply because I know the bride and groom weren't planning on having a chocolate fountain. After all, the only reason anyone goes to weddings is because of the incredible food and obligatory chocolate fountain, right?

Now, I know what you're thinking: how can you love chocolate fountains that much? Don't you get sick of all that sugar after a while? Sure, even I'll admit that there's so much chocolate you can eat before you either throw up or pass out.

However, it would appear that there's a new kind of food fountain in town, and it's one that switches sweet for savoury. And no, I'm not talking about a cheese fondue fountain. Although, now that you mention it, I would definitely got to a wedding that had a cheese fountain.

No, the new fountain on the block is none other than your very own ranch dressing fountain. Yes, you heard me correctly: it's a fountain from which pours nothing other than delicious, creamy ranch dressing all day long.

The fountain is available from Hidden Valley for a pretty reasonably $100. I say reasonable, because this price includes an entire year's supply of ranch dressing - 12 whole bottles of the stuff. Can you imagine dipping a chicken wing, a tray of French fries, or, dare I say it, a deep fried mozzarella stick into this thing?

A Hidden Valley spokesperson told TODAY: "In the past, we’ve had requests from people throwing milestone birthday parties, even brides-to-be, for ranch fountains, and they would present the fountain alongside crudité and their favorite finger foods."

And if an entire ranch fountain isn't quite enough to fully explain quite how much you love ranch, don't worry, because Hidden Valley also stocks ranch-related tote bags and t-shirts.

Oh, and a $50 rhinestone-encrusted bottle of the creamy stuff. You know, just in case you've got an important wedding anniversary or birthday coming up.

Want a ranch fountain to call your very own? You can purchase one here, along with a year's supply of ranch. It's what your white creamy dreams are made of. Does anyone else feel a little dirty after all that ranch chat? I know I do.