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Queen Elizabeth Is Hiring A New Chef And The Salary Will Make You Furious

I can only imagine the amount of pressure there must be when you're employed as a chef in a top restaurant. Sure, it makes for a great addition to your résumé in the culinary world, but I'm not sure this makes up for how incredibly demanding it is.

Being in charge of running a kitchen will inevitably mean long hours, having to rectify various mistakes made in a busy and often hectic environment and perhaps having to confront dissatisfied and disgruntled diners. And the fancier the restaurant, the more extravagant the meals will be and presumably the more, erm, particular the diners will be.

So, needless to say, it wouldn't be my first choice of career. But alas, we are all incredibly different and some people would truly revel in the opportunity to quite literally show off their cooking chops. Some chefs will aspire to work in some of the world's finest Michelin-star restaurants and some, but very few, will have their heart set on cooking for royalty.

If that sounds like you then you're in luck. None other than Queen Elizabeth II herself is looking for a new Chef de Partie. And what exactly is a Chef de Partie, you ask? Well, it basically means you would be in charge of a specific area in a restaurant or, in this case, the kitchens of Buckingham Palace.

But there's a bit of a catch. Although you might expect that being in charge of cooking meals for the Queen and preparing state dinners, royal receptions, and other high-profile events would be quite a prestigious role, this certainly isn't reflected by the successful candidate's proposed wages - a mere £22,421 ($29,400).

The role has been advertised on the Royal Household website where it is stated that the Chef de Partie will work as part of an "accomplished team" to "prepare and deliver menus for a wide range of events".

It is further stated that the role will be "hands-on" and "diverse" and involves working with "quality ingredients".

The description also claims that the successful candidate will be "supported to grow within your role" as "development and training is commonplace".

This is how the ins and outs of the role are described on the website:

"It's using your expertise to deliver the highest standards. It's being encouraged to develop your skills. And it's contributing to a team who deliver extraordinary service. This is what makes a career with the Royal Household exceptional."

"As part of an accomplished team of professionals, you'll work hands-on to deliver a food service of the highest standard."

"You'll prepare and deliver menus for a wide range of events, ensuring a smooth and efficient service at all times."

"Your role will be diverse, working with quality ingredients and highly skilled colleagues across all sections of the kitchen."

"You'll also assist the Head Chef to manage stock levels and purchasing, as well as helping to lead the team during service, developing your supervisory skills."

"And in an environment where development and training is commonplace, you'll be supported to grow within your role to become a technical expert in your field."

Although the salary might not seem appropriate for the role, the position is not without its perks. The Chef de Partie will get 33 days of vacation, a 15 percent employer contribution pension and all meals are covered by the palace.

The closing date for the vacancy is February 10 so get applying. Just be wary of the fact that the Queen is famously very particular about her food!