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Professional chefs reveal their 5 favorite fast food menu items

When you think about it, the best chefs in the world can't eat fine dining all the time. Bloomberg's Richard Vines interviewed chefs from the world's most celebrated restaurants about what they eat when they're craving fast food. Here are a few professional chefs and their rather interesting fast food weaknesses.

1. Heston Blumenthal - Five Guys

Heston Blumenthal, the chef at Fat Duck in Bray in the United Kingdom says that Five Guys is high on his hit list. This is thanks to those great burgers and sumptuous milkshakes. He told Bloomberg: "The guys behind the counters actually have some interest in food."

2.Danny Meyer - Popeyes' fried chicken

Founder of Shake Shack Danny Meyer told Bloomberg, "I treat myself to Popeyes a couple of times a year and I am wickedly happy downing a few pieces (wings and thighs best) of their crispy, spicy chicken - with a side of dirty rice and biscuits." As well as founding Shake Shack, Meyer also has a fine dining classic called Gramercy Tavern, so he's clearly an expert on what makes quality fast food.


3. Helene Darroze - Shake Shack 

Fans of Danny Meyer's joint are of very high calibre. Helene Darroze - a chef who inspired a character in Disney's Ratatouille - and Massimo Bottura chef of the current number one restaurant in the world, Osteria Francescana both have Shake Shack as their top fast-food choice. The reason, the keen attention to detail that allows for the high quality of the meat, bread and sauce.

4. Karam Sethi - KFC

Karam Sethi of Gymkhana in London said to Bloomberg, "I only go for the Zinger Tower Burger." Interestingly, this item is nowhere to be found on the American menu. He said he likes it because: "It's got a fried, battered breast, hash brown, a spicy tomato salsa, mayonnaise and crispy iceberg in a sesame bun." Sounds right up my street, to be honest.

5. Wolfgang Puck and Nuno Mendes - In-N-Out burger

It may only be available on the West Coast, but In-N-Out Burger is a cult classic. Wolfgang Puck, of Spago in Beverly Hills and Nuno Mendes, of Chiltern Firehouse in London, said the burger chain was one of their favorites. "I like it because you can have a hamburger wrapped in lettuce instead of a bun," said Puck. "I feel like I am eating a salad."

From this, it's clear nobody's perfect. Top chefs talk a good game, advocating eating well and having the highest quality food but still succumb to a good burger and fries like the rest of us. It won't be long until we have gourmet McDonald's and the like.