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Portland Pizzeria Creates A Record-Breaking 101-Cheese Pizza

Four cheese pizza, otherwise known as quattro formaggi, is a staple menu item in pizzerias across America. However, have you ever sat down to your calorie-laden slice and thought: this pizza could really use some more cheese? I know I have.

Thankfully, Scottie's Pizza Parlor in Portland, Oregon have the solution to your cheese-obsessed problems. They've created a record-breaking pizza that contains a whopping 101 different types of cheese, and it's enough to satisfy the most obsessive of dairy lovers. The final version included whole milk mozzarella, a shredded 55-cheese blend, 36 soft cheeses, and nine grated dry cheeses.

Restaurant owner Scottie Rivera told Fox News: “We figured out this balance between using shredded mozzarella and a blend of all the semi-soft low-moisture shredded cheeses, and then taking all the soft cheeses we could get and then blending them with our house made ricotta.

"Any hard dry aged cheeses, we grated finely and then sprinkled on top, and then we came up with the idea to add a baked Parmesan crisp, like a light cracker, that we stuck into the ricotta on every slice. It gives it a fun textural element and looked cool.”

So how does this thing actually taste? Rivera attempted to explain: “With the first bite, you don’t know what to expect, so you can almost mistake it for a regular slice. Then you chew a little more and you start to get a lot of character here: there’s things going on, it’s almost hard to place. It’s like a journey from the tip of the slice. It’s crazy and exciting to eat.”

Sadly, the world record currently remains unconfirmed by Guinness, but Rivera is on the case. He explained: “I got a response (from Guinness) asking a question that I’d already answered, so I responded, and tried to say, ‘Can you guys let me know what kind of evidence or proof you need?

"I waited until the last minute—my wife and I were up until 4 am finishing processing the cheeses—waiting to see if Guinness said we needed a video of every cheese going into the cheese grater. It’s really frustrating, and I’m following up every few days. This week I’m going to really get on them.”

There aren't plans for this pizza to end up on Scottie's permanent menu, which is probably a good thing. I don't know about you, but I'm feeling full just looking at those 101 oozing cheeses. I think I'll stick to my regular quattro formaggi for now, thanks.