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Police called over Szechuan Sauce frenzy in Los Angeles

With season three of Ricky and Morty just about wrapped up, people have begun looking elsewhere for a release for their existential angst. It doesn't have to be at the same depth of the show, but it needs to be just enough to keep fans going until season 4.

Explanation videos can only go so far, and people soon get bored of the never ending Twitter and Reddit threads trying to join together obscure references and goings on in the series, so it had to be something different, something packageable but not as lame as a toy or game. No, Rick and Morty Fans needed something they could hold and potentially sell on eBay. Maybe even eat.

Enter McDonald's, the fast-food chain of the nation. After their oriental inspired nugget dipping sauce was mentioned in Rick and Morty's season three opener 'The Rickshank Redemption" the internet went crazy. It was apparent that Rick wasn't the only one desperate for some Szechuan dipping sauce.

Originally released as a promotion for the 1998 Disney film Mulan, Rick and Morty fans pleaded with the fast-food chain to bring back the good stuff so they could live their lives like their alcoholic, sociopathic hero.

McDonald's actually kept to their word, releasing the sauce and other promotional items on a limited sale this weekend. They were, however, woefully unprepared for the multitude of fans who turned up for the occasion.

Up and down America, reports came in of McDonald's restaurants only having a couple of tiny, ketchup-sized sachets to give out between many hundreds of fans. Posters also promised to those who queued were even less abundant and this lead to chaos.

One of the McDonald's that suffered from a lack of preparation the worst was a branch in the South LA Brea area of Los Angeles. Police had to be called to the branch because the restaurant couldn't handle the crowd.

The video shows a line that just keeps going and going, it never ends! Think of all the mini-verses inside Rick's battery and double. That's how many people waited in line outside this store.

There was pushing and shoving and even camping for the promotional sauce. The filmer of the video said, "Inside the store, people push and shove and scream at each other while employees frantically try to please the mob."

The filmer said that what caused the police to be called was that "shortly after this recording ends, someone who realized they weren't getting a sauce without a blue ticket jumped the counter and ran off with all the sauce, prompting the police to shut down the event.”

McDonald's have since apologized for the chaos that has occurred and promised they will release more of the promotional sauce at the end of the year. Next time around, with more sachets and posters, they will hope to definitely accommodate the crowds.

It's hard not to think McDonald's didn't try and pull a Rickchurian Mortydate on themselves so that even more people will buy the sauce next time around but as long as they keep their word, I'm happy.